Verity Child Monitoring – Track and Monitor Your Kids on Computer

Verity Child Monitoring is a parental controls package which will help you find out more about (and take charge of) what your kids are doing on their computer. It allows you to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy, non invasive way. Get past that hurdle, though, and you’ll find the program has a lot to offer. Like restricting the programs they can run and the websites they’re able to visit, for instance. As an example, Verity Child Monitoring automatically blocks access to Task Manager to make it more difficult to close the program down.

The program can also log just about everything that’s happening on the system: the programs used (and for how long), the websites visited, and the text of online chats. Keystrokes and mouse clicks are monitored, and Verity even captures the screen at regular intervals so you can review what’s happened later. And if you’d rather your children weren’t spending so much time on the PC then you can also limit their computer usage.

Download Verity Child Monitoring 


  • Logs time spent in each software program
  • [advt]Logs websites visited on supported browsers
  • Counts the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks to measure activity
  • Use parental controls to block specific programs or websites
  • Takes periodic screenshots of the active window or entire desktop
  • Access stored data through a password protected web interface
  • Optionally set up the web interface to be accessible remotely from other locations over the internet
  • Runs in the background so you can continue to use the computer as normal

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