Tango Revamped: Free Calls/Messages, Easy Sharing and New Games

The social networking application Tango has updated their product, now its not just a cross platform messenger, yet they have integrated a number of other applications to get it a fresh feel. The release of an inbuilt gaming platform within the application, the new version will give the user the power to find potential friends near them, provided if the user allows Tango to access the location. Tango allows the user to tweak the profile, to add picture, to post status updates in Facebook and Twitter and to send/receive images during a voice or a video call.

Tango is a social networking application similar to Line messenger, which is available for Android, Windows 7 Phone, iPhone and Desktop. It allows the user to send free text messages, play games, and make free phone calls and video calls with other users.

According to Tango’s website, it works on iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone devices, as well as tablets and PCs. It can provide high quality experience over 3G, 4G, and WiFi. Tango claims that it is being used by more than 120 million people in 212 countries.

Tango is easy to use, it doesn’t need log in and password, so that one can create an account in seconds. It allows the user to automatically find their friends using Tango. Also one can make calls and messages, which work just like they do on users phone. Tango works across most smartphones, tablets, & PCs and it has better quality on 3G, 4G, and WiFi.

Tango allows the user to personalize their calls and messages with Tango Surprises, kind of funny animations to express their moods. Also the user can challenge their friends with games during the calls and can find all their pictures & videos in a central photo gallery. It allows the users to send cards to their dear ones. It also has a feature to edit user’s photos with filters, text etc.

In Tango, all video/audio calls and messages are free and user doesn’t have to pay for that. Also, user can make free calls and messages internationally.

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