Use Hindi Handwriting to Search Google on Android and iOS Devices

Google announced support for beta version of Hindi handwriting for Android and iOS. The new feature allows users to type in Hindi on a touchscreen using fingers or a stylus and the tool will recognize the characters.

How to write in Hindi using the tool ?

For using the facility, users have to go to in their mobile browser, tap on ‘Settings‘, go to Search Settings and enable ‘Handwrite‘. Then change the language preference to Hindi and add ‘Hindi’ as a Language for Search Results. Once it is enabled, tap the Handwrite icon to activate Handwrite mode.

Then start writing and autocomplete options start to appear below the search box. Users shall write a string of characters and then choose the right option using the arrows next to the autocomplete options list for lengthy queries.

Other Tips to use HandWriting

To Delete letters, just touch the ‘Backspace’ icon at the bottom of the page. To start over, touch ‘X’ in the search box at the top of the page. Using the list of predicted queries which appear in the search box will help saving time. Also users can try symbols and special characters such as + @ & $ for better and faster searching.

The Handwrite feature is currently available on all Android 2.3+ phones, Android 4.0+ tablets and iOS5+ devices.

Watch the video of Google Handwriting Option

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