Talking Santa Mobile App for Android, iPhone and iPad

Christmas is round the corner. Let us tickle Santa and make him laugh. Poke or slap Santa but that may cause him not to give you gifts anymore! Try out this Talking Santa mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad.

You can be nice to Santa by giving him milk & cookies or naughty by running him over with a giant snowball. If you want to see your gifts, open Santa’s bag.

You can send 2 types of customized Christmas cards by email, MMS or post them on Facebook.

Record your own videos of  Santa and save them to your library (MMS), share them on YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

Download Talking Santa

Download and install Talking Santa App for Android (22.4 MB, free), iPhone (20 MB, $1.99), iPad (37.6 MB, $3.99)

How to Play:

  • Talk to Santa and he will repeat your words.
  • Poke, swipe or tickle Santa to see his various reactions.
  • Run Santa over with a huge snowball.
  • Give Santa milk & cookies.
  • Touch the bag to see your gifts.
  • Send customized Christmas cards (email, MMS or Facebook).
  • Record videos and send them as MMS, upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

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