Flixlab iPhone App – Social Video Platform to Create Movies

FlixlabFlixlab is a free and fun smartphone application for creating great movies and share with your friends on facebook. With only a few clicks, Flixlab will automatically transform your video clips into a polished movie. There is no Spielberg-like talent or insane editing skills required, the movie is rendered in a few seconds. The Flixlab social video platform will make consumer video creation, sharing, and remixing a common everyday part of social networking, much like text and images are today.

Flixlab automatically selects the best portions of your clips, spices them up, and then creates a killer movie in a matter of seconds. The Flixlab automatic movie creation tool for iPhone is well integrated with Facebook.With Flixlab, you can select a theme, add music, effects, and titles and produce a polished movie ready for sharing.

With Flixlab, you can package videos with effects, captions, and music, and even share the source with your friends so they can make a movie of their own. When you are done with using your creativity, you can share with friends with a single click.

Download Flixlab For iPhone

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