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20 years of SMSing

8 trillion SMS were sent last year by the 6 billion mobile-phone users world-wide! SMS is the world’s biggest form of written communication, in terms of users. The first SMS was “Merry Christmas” sent in December 1992 by the British engineer Neil Papworth from his computer. […]

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More Free SMS on During Christmas Season

During this Christmas holidays, offers extra SMS to all Wadja users. You can now send 3 SMS to the same number, 5 SMS to different numbers and even more SMS for all Wadja-to-Wadja users. You can also get your maximum allowance of free SMS by inviting your friends to Wadja. You can also purchase low-cost international and national packages through Wadja’s Premium SMS services. […]

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Merry Christmas 2007!

Exams are over. Schools are closed for Christmas vacation. Kids are into full of enthusiasm to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The kids in my neighborhood have been practicing Christmas carol for the last […]