Tagg – iPhone Application that Tag People on Any Shared Photo

Tagg is an iPhone application that makes it really simple to tag people on any photo that you’re sharing. It works on devices running iOS 5.0 or later, and it’s available for free. You simply download it and import all your contacts from your address book, and from sites like Facebook and Twitter. These are used by the application to detect your friends’ faces. It highlights them with red squares, and you’re allowed to input the names of your friends one by one.

Download Tagg for iPhone

[advt]It is actually capable of filtering through contacts for you. You don’t have to type the full names of people, just by typing the first letters of the name of the person you’ll get the job done. And voice control is also supported, so that you can speak your friend’s name instead. Full integration with Siri makes that possible. And once the photos have been tagged, they can be both shared and stored offline.

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