Mingly – Relationship Management Tool

Mingly is a relationship management tool, it has plug-in for Gmail in Firefox and Chrome. It brings messages and key updates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to Gmail, so you can keep track of who and what’s important. It shows a feed of contacts and important events drawn from their social streams, like birthdays, relocations and job changes.

Mingly solves the growing problem of social-network information overload, making sure your important relationships never fall through the cracks.

Users can:

  • Get organized with a social address book that merges Gmail and social-network contacts
  • [advt]See a brief snapshot of the people they are emailing that shows recent updates, conversations, bio, interests, and more
  • Save time by sending Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn messages right from Gmail
  • Stay in touch by getting alerted to key news like birthdays and job changes
  • Build relationships by setting follow-up reminders for new contacts

Mingly is one of many social utility apps such as Xobni/Smartr and Rapportive, all of which are useful and awkward in their own ways. Social addressbooks seem like they would be most effective as a mobile app or part of the mobile OS but app developers have less flexibility there, especially in the controlled environment of iOS.

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