Syncs Data Between Your Device and PC – Download My Sync Center

My Sync Center will syncs data between your device and PC using your local Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to keep certain data up-to-date regardless of which device you’re using, easily backup photos and videos, keep copies of your Titanium Backup files, and more.

It doesn’t just sync content from your phone to your PC, either you can also set it to automatically transfer music or videos from your PC to your phone (or tablet). If that’s not enough, it also works with iTunes playlists, so if you don’t want to transfer your entire collection, that’s not a problem (granted you actually use iTunes, of course).

Download My Sync Center 

Download My Sync Center for Android Phone

[advt]It lets you specify multiple custom folders on your device, as well as on your PC, and syncs them automatically over the same network. It supports syncing some of the most common content/folders from your device (music, pictures, videos, ringtones, alarms et al ) to your PC, and vice versa. Furthermore, My Sync Center extends its support to even sync your iTunes-music based on various categories (tracks, albums, artists). All you need to do is specify the desired folders on your device as well as on your PC, and let the app sync all the content automatically. The app supports manual syncing of data as well, and keeps you informed of the sync status via status bar notifications.

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