Download Unisyn – MIDI Device Editor for Windows

Unisyn provides the most comprehensive sound management features available on the Windows. It gives you all the features you’d expect in a leading editor/librarian. Modify a sound in Unisyn using graphic envelope controls and faders, while getting instant feedback within the context of your music as Performer plays the sequence. Generate entire banks of new sounds with a click of the mouse using bLend, Randomize, and Copy/Paste Parameter features. Unisyn can even share bank names with Performer and other FreeMIDI – compatible software for accurate pop-up sound lists.

Download  Unisyn 


  • [advt]New profiles: Over 40 new devices have been added to Unisyn including the Adrenalinn, Korg Triton series, Proteus 2000/2500, Waldorf synths and recent Roland modules like the powerful XV-5080.
  • Redesigned interface: DP3 users will feel right at home with Unisyn 2.0’s new interface. Editors have been updated to provide a clearer, more easy to use layout of parameters.
  • Unlimited undo/redo: Unlimited undo allows you to concentrate on your editing, not on the software.
  • Window sets: 26 window sets provide a quick and flexible way to manage window layouts.
  • ‘Bookmarked’ sessions: Nearly everything is remembered between sessions. You automatically pickup right where you left off .

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