Sync and Auto Backup Social Networks Content Using Social Folders

social-folders-logoSocialFolders enables you to sync your social sites with your computer. That means that you will be able to store and manage all the photos, documents and other files that today are spread across multiple online websites. You will enjoy instant access to them, even without an Internet connection. And it works in both directions: if you want to upload a large set of photos to a website, just drop it into the associated folder and SocialFolders will do it for you – no more waiting time in front of your browser.


  • SHARING: SocialFolders helps you share your content anywhere between social sites or copy between websites.
  • SYNC: SocialFolders syncs all your content across your devices.
  • AUTOMATIC: The content on your websites are updated when you update it in your local folders and vice-versa. SocialFolders will take care of it.
  • SOCIAL: Access your friend’s albums, folders and subscribe to their feeds. You can choose what you want to receive.
  • INTELLIGENT: Your content is synced automatically daily. Or you can perform a manual sync anytime you want.
  • ORGANIZED: SocialFolders outputs all your social content all in one place so you never have to remember what and where you have placed them.
  • BACKUP: SocialFolders retrieves your social content from the websites you use and stores them on your local folder.
  • UPLOAD: Upload quickly and effortlessly a batch of files without having to open the browser nor logging into your online account.

Download Social Folders for Windows

Download Social Folders for Mac

If you connect to multiple sites, SocialFolders will also make copying them from one website to another very easy. Instead of downloading and uploading again, you will be able to copy your files directly between your folders, and SocialFolders will do the same in the Cloud between the two websites.

SocialFolders supports Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Google Docs, Box, YouTube, Instagram, and Picasa. Log in at the SocialFolders website and go to the “My websites” page. Click on the “Add new websites” button and connect to one of the websites listed there. You need to already be a registered user of the website you want to connect to.

When you install SocialFolders, it creates a folder named “my Social Folders” in your local Documents folder. On Mac, a shortcut is automatically added in the Finder sidebar.

Read Social Folders FAQ

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