MjM Photo Recovery – Recover Digital Photos from Memory Cards

MjM Photo Recovery will recover digital photos from memory cards, whether they’ve been accidentally deleted or lost when the card was formatted. It automatically detects the media card in the card reader and scans it, while displaying thumbnail images of the photos that are found during the scan. You can view each photos in full-size and recover them all or only save selected images. During our review, we first deleted all images from the card via Windows – the program found and recovered all of them.

Download MjM Photo Recovery

It works with Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Sticks and other media storage cards, but it does not work with local hard drives. Deep scanning is very slow and can take hours depending on the size of your media card.

[advt]This does make Photo Recovery refreshingly simple to use, though. Just run the program, choose a device, click Search, and it’ll immediately start scanning for lost photos. This can take a long time – several hours if you’ve a large memory card, perhaps 16 or 32GB – but the program does keep you informed by displaying thumbnails of the images it’s located. You can view this full-screen, then recover all the photos or just the ones you need.


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