SurveilStar Activity Monitor – Free Web Activity Monitoring Software

SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a free web activity monitoring software. Record, monitor and block any web activities as you like. It focus on monitoring visited websites, received and sent emails, instant messages and transferred files let you keep an eye on your employees, cheating spouse, and children online activities.

Download SurveilStar Activity Monitor


  • Control sent & received email and HTTP webmail (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail).
  • Monitor and record visited websites with time stamp, title, size and URLs.
  • Keep track of every downloaded and uploaded FTP files.
  • [advt]Record MSN chats and Windows messages.
  • Filter unwanted websites by file size, host name or IP address.
  • Blocking internet TCP connections and outgoing TCP data.
  • Generate accurate statistics of history mails, visited websites, ftp files.
  • Password protected and user friendly.

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