Wall Street Survivor – Free Online Stock Market Game

Wall Street Survivor is free online stock market game that allows the user to pick up tricks of stock trading, the fun way. It allows the user to learn the nuances of Stock trading and perhaps use them in real life equity market environment.

It is an environment that allows the user to trade and play with virtual money, thereby picking up good tricks and best practices that would be of great help in the real time stock market trading environment. And what makes this more interesting is that the users can end up winning real cash while playing with the virtual money.

The training involves methodical evolutions of the trader, by going through the following levels.

  • Beginner level involves introduction about market indices, segments and sectors of each market, returns on investment, mutual funds and other such basic detail.
  • Intermediate level involves learning about slightly advances topics such as dividends, bonds, market rallies, after market hour trading, planning and investment so on and so forth.
  • Advanced level involves learning and understanding the statistical analysis, nuances, techniques and complex  strategies such as elliot wave interpretation, beta , TED spread etc., The user can get a decent knowledge about  entry and exit strategies in the market etc.,

Further the user can get a fair bit of knowledge about the market happenings in the real world, changes in the economies, stock ideas, portfolio management and much more of such things from the education portal of the website.

The user can also create contests and invite participants to join and compete.

The user can:

  • [advt]Choose own trading dates and times,
  • Cash balance available to every participant
  • Other trading options and methods can be implemented.

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