Sumopaint Picture Editor – Custom Effects to Digital Images

Sumopaint is a flash based full featured painting and image editing application similar to Photoshop, which is available for the Desktop as well as for iPad. It features 11 Blending modes, layers with classic layer effects, 37 Filters, 3D Effects, Light Effects, professional painting tools and over 300 Brushes.

It also have advanced options like gravity and auto orient, pen Pressure via speed detection, real time Bezier-curve smoothing, animated Brushes, selection tools with full undo support and image enhancement tools.

Sumopaint for chrome offers multiple image transformation types, shape tools, 15 gradient types including Linear, Radial, Angle and Spiral modes, 170 preset color selections clone stamp tools and Anti-Aliased gradients.

Sumopaint is available in three options viz, Free, Pro and Pro Plus options. The Pro Plus offers from basic online tools to more than 35 PRO filters and tools, whereas the free option features only basic tools. The Pro Plus is also Ad free and offers a Desktop app for offline use.

Sumopaint for iPad offers unique preset styles, symmetry tool and fun brushes. Sumopaint is built with the studio grade Open GL framework, which guarantees fast, smooth and precise brush strokes.

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