Vonage Mobile – Make International Call on iPhone and Android

Vonage Mobile is a free downloadable app that lets you talk and text worldwide for free.  App-to-App calls are made using high-definition audio which provides dramatically better voice quality than traditional cell phone calls. It works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G data networks worldwide. Use your existing phone number and address book to show who already has the Vonage Mobile app and invite those who don’t. The more people you get to download the app, the more you can call and text for free.

Download Vonage Mobile for iPhone

Download Vonage Mobile for Android

[advt]Vonage Mobile combines the best of free voice and message services with exceptional high-definition audio, along with incredible value for traditional international calling, all while using your existing mobile phone number and address book, providing a better experience than competitive apps.

This is an app that is comparable to Skype in a number of ways. It provides many of the same functions and it available for very much the same selection of platforms. The biggest obvious draw is the fact that it enables you to place free calls, but even the calls that you have to pay for – such as those to regular phones – are competitively priced when compared to the likes of Skype. Should you need to get additional calling credit, this available as an in-app purchase.

Just like Skype, there is also the option of sending IM style text messages you can scan your existing contact list to see if anyone you know is already making use of Vonage Mobile, and you can send out invitation to anyone who does not currently have it installed. Call quality is impressively high, but obvious when using a data connection this will be dependent on signal strength.

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