Sticky Password Creates Password Storehouse for Passwords

Sticky Password creates a password storehouse for passwords throughout your system, although the program is somewhat more limited than that sounds. It will import passwords from your browser, and ask you to create a master password for accessing them. That same master password can be used to restrict access to your computer, requiring the master pass before resuming from sleep or hibernation.

Download Sticky Password

[advt]It supports multiple accounts, fast access via the system tray to your password data, and lets you leave passwords unchanged as you edit the URL they work with, and to leave comments on them as well. It allows for USB, Bluetooth, and password-based authentication, and comes with a customized portable version creator, so you can carry Sticky Password on a USB key. The password generator automatically copies the new password to your clipboard, then auto-deletes it after a few minutes.  In addition to the generally strong password management feature, the keystone of the program, it offers a good selection of useful secondary features to bolster its value.

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