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OnTopReplica is free window miniaturization software. It creates a miniature replica of your chosen windows, and always keeps that on top of the screen even when user is working in some other application. Till now only one window remains visible on the screen though one can keep several windows applications open at the same time. It removes this limitation as it allows a replica of the chosen window to remain in the foreground even when a user works with some other window applications. So anybody who doing some useful work in the computer can also views a movie or lives news commentary in miniature windows.

How to use OnTopReplica?

Initially OnTopReplica is being installed in the computer. The window cloning freeware can create a replica of any window that is running and not minimized to the taskbar.

To create a replica,

  • Launch from the start menu
  • Right-click any area on the empty window
  • Choose the Select Window option
  • From the list of running windows, select the window whose replica is to be created.
  • A replica of the window will be created and it will always remain on top.

Download OnTopReplica


  • Select Windows: This is the option that allows users to create a replica of a window. User replicates multiple windows.
  • Resize: This option allows users to resize the replica.
  • [advt]Opacity: Replica can be made transparent so that user can see the window under the replica.
  • Position: This option allows the replica to position itself on the screen.
  • Switch to window: User can create replicas of multiple windows and switch among them.
  • Select Region: Instead of replicating whole window, users can select a region of the window to be replicated.
  • Click-through fullscreen: It allows switching a semi-opaque OnTopReplica session to fullscreen mode and at the same time user can click on windows underneath.
  • Click forwarding: This option allows user to control the original window through its replica.
  • Chrome-less: User can remove standard window border of the replica.
  • Reduce to icons: User can anytime reduce the application to the taskbar.

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