SpyEx – Spy on Windows Messages in a Click

SpyEx is a portable tool for developers which can provide plenty of low-level information about the windows on your PC. This starts, for example, just by listing them under the Windows tab. You’ll see top level windows, controls, hidden windows and more. It’s a lengthy list, but a search box may help you to zoom in on the precise window you need.

The program can also reveal the Windows messages for any given window. This is easy enough to use – just click “Spy” – but treat it with care, at least initially. When it tried to spy on Outlook messages SpyEx was displaying so many that we had problems doing anything else, or even making it stop.

The Options tab can configure the program to display only particular messages, though, such as only those relating to listboxes or buttons, which may well help.

Download SpyEx


  • [advt]See all windows [visible / non visible] of all applications.
  •  Highlight every window.
  •  Reveal content of password edit boxes in applications and Internet Explorer.
  • Spy windows messages for every window.
  •  See DOM model of HTML pages viewed in Internet Explorer.
  • Highlight every object in the HTML page.

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