Download Mosaic Desktop – Add Mosaic Tiled Desktop in Your System

Mosaic Desktop is a free utility that enables you to add the mosaic tiled desktop to your computer without having to wait until Windows 8 is released. The Mosaic interface comprises a series of tiles, each of which can be used to house different information panels. You may choose to display the number of unread emails you have in your inbox in one, while another could be reserved for displaying the weather forecasts. There are a number of widgets to choose from, and some of them can be run in full screen mode.

Download Mosaic Desktop

[advt]You can also add links that make it easy to access your favorite’s web sites and applications, and the fact that the program can be configured to start automatically with Windows means that it could almost be used as a shell replacement. In its own right Mosaic Desktop is nothing special it is a very basic tool that does little that hasn’t been done before. However, the utility has been very well implemented, and it apes the look and feel of Windows 8 very well.

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