Download ShakeIt! – Repositions the Start Button, Task Bar

 ShakeIt! Repositions the start button, task bar and system notification area for you. You can permute these components in any way you like. It does not modify the system settings at all. Any time you shut down the application, everything will revert to default. With ShakeIt!, you will be able to manipulate the elements of the windows taskbar. Place the start-button, the notify and the tasks wherever you want them on your taskbar. Now ShakeIt! supports not only the horizontal taskbars, it also works fine with vertical bars.

Download  ShakeIt!

It is a program to manipulate the taskbar, so it needs MS Windows 95/98 or MS Windows NT 4 to run properly. It coexists with IE 4/5, too. And, best of all, ShakeIt! is freeware.

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