Spigit – Idea Management Software for Enterprises

Spigit is the leading provider of collective idea management software, connecting employees, customers and business partners for innovation and insight discovery. Using enterprise-grade social technology, Spigit’s software taps into the collective intelligence of an organization and transforms it into actionable, predictive information. By incorporating incentives, idea graduation, idea trading and real-time analytics, Spigit allows companies to harness the social capital within.

[advt]Social innovation is a new paradigm for finding unexpected business value. Instead of building out centralized R&D or innovation teams, you make use of the edge: your employees and customers. When you provide them with tools that let them interact with each other, social forces take over and the crowd begins to create unexpected things. Social innovation is really the process of directing this crowd to solve your strategic objectives.

  • Improve Process Efficiencies
  • Decrease Time to Market
  • Discover Subject-Matter Experts in Your Organization
  • Connect People Across Departmental & Geographic Boundaries


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