Spamihilator – Remove Spam Before Gets into Your Inbox

Spamihilator will remove more than 98% of spam before it gets into your inbox. The initial configuration process is easier than it expected. The setup wizard launched, detected its copy of Outlook 2007 and configured it to use Spamihilator in just a few seconds (and it’ll do the same with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora and many other email programs).

The program then uses Bayesian filters to calculate the probability of a particular email being spam. You can enhance these results further by training the program, helping it identify spam it’s missed. A Link filter scans incoming emails for links to known spam websites, the DCC-Filter uses the scan data from millions of email uses to identify junk mails, and you can improve performance even more by installing some very useful free plugins.

Download Spamihilator 

[advt]It blocks a significant amount of spam, but initially at least they’ll trap other emails, too. The very first message scanned from its system was legitimate, yet Spamihilator assessed it as having a 100% probability of being spam. It restored this in a few clicks, but it does show that, like any other spam filter, you need to keep an eye on Spamihilator to confirm it’s not blocking anything important.

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