Download TreeLine – FreeForm Database and Outline

TreeLine is a unique cross between an outliner and a database. It stores information in a tree structure, but each node in the tree is like a mini database with its own data types and field formats. It supports a wide variety of import/export options, one of the most useful being for Mozilla-type bookmarks. Be warned that this is not your typical tree-based outliner! You will probably need quite a bit of reading and digesting in order to grasp the the program’s data model and associated concepts.

Download TreeLine


  • Different files can be open in multiple TreeLine windows within the same TreeLine session. This is controlled with commands in the new “Window” menu.
  • The “Window->New Window” command creates a new window with views of the same TreeLine file. Changes in either window are saved in the same document.
  • Starting TreeLine will activate an existing TreeLine session if it is already running.
  • An “Add internal link” context menu has been added to text boxes in the data editor. It prompts for another node to be clicked with the mouse, then an inline internal link is added with that node’s reference information.
  • [advt]Added an “HTML directory pages” export option. This will export a directory structure with an HTML file for every node. A navigation pane on the left side of each page contains links to nearby nodes.
  • New dialog buttons will restore the default configuration when customizing toolbars or shortcuts.
  • A new text search function has been added to the help viewer.

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