Sony Internet TV with Google TV

Google’s much awaited Google TV has been out with Sony releasing the new HDTV powered by Google Android OS for the US market. The unit comes with lots of easy-to-use user interface and connectivity options. The number of USB ports are four. Powered by Intel Atom processor, Google TV offers simultaneous viewing of streaming video and web content.

Sony’s Google TV is capable of accepting two HD (High Definition) feeds simultaneously and is also capable of playing up to 1080p resolution videos. Users need to connect Google TV to an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to get the streaming content. Google TV also easily integrates with your current television service through the HDMI output of your set top box.

“Sony Internet TV is the world’s first HDTV that combines the big-screen impact of television and full Internet search to deliver an unrivaled entertainment experience,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony’s Home Division[via]

Sony’s HDTV Google TV comes in four models. The 24-inch NSX-24GT1 ($599.99 = ~ Rs 26,955 ), 32-inch NSX-32GT1 ($799.99 = ~ Rs 35,955), 40-inch NSX-40GT1 ($999.99 = ~ Rs 44,955) and 46-inch NSX-46GT1 ($1,399.99 = ~ Rs 62,955).

For those who are having a High Definition TV equipped with HDMI input, the Google TV Blu-ray player will be enough and is available for $399.99 (~ Rs 17,955). The user also needs to have a cable or satellite box with HDMI output.

Currently Google TV products from Sony will be available through Sonystyle, USA (

What all should i need to set up a Sony Internet TV (Google TV)?

  • A sony Google TV set or Sony Blu-ray player embedded with Google TV
  • An internet connection with 2.5 Mbps bandwidth and for HD content, 10Mbps is recommended.
  • A google account. You need to sign in with your Google account on Google TV. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a Google Account during Google TV signup process.
  • For viewing premium channels, websites and video-on-demand services, you need to subscribe to those websites as in the case of a PC.

Features provided in Sony’s Google TV

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless internet connectivity
  • Easy connectivity with select HD DVR devices from Dish Network (US)
  • Inclusion of recorded contents in the search results
  • You can create bookmarks for TV channels, websites and applications so that all your favorite contents are easily available at one location.
  • Dual view mode by which you can view television and internet at the same time.
  • Access to continually expanding Android applications for your Google TV. Some popular applications for your Google TV include Twitter, Pandora, NBA, Netflix and Napster.
  • Access to Sony’s premium streaming service “Video on Demand powered by Qriocity”
  • Integrated Television and web search. Google TV will search for whether your search term is available in TV or in web and will display the information.
  • Handheld keypad with full QWERTY keyboard and optical mouse.
  • Facility for upgrading the Google TV operating system to make your Google TV stay up-to-date
  • You can configure your android phone to be used as a remote for your Google TV[source]

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