Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Tablet

Sony Electronics unveiled Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer tablet multi-purpose connected device, designed solely to access information on the Internet. It has a the 7 inch touchscreen and supports pictures, music and video. This was announced at the 2010 CES trade show in Las Vegas, USA.

To the surprise, it is designed to act as an alarm clock or kitchen-based mini-computer, and can be flipped over to give a much shallower viewing angle.

There’s no storage on-board, but with Wi-Fi and Ethernet, you can connect it online and download over 1,000 specially written free Internet applications, for news, calendaring, weather, sports, social networking and more.

It also supports multiple user profiles and channels, allowing several members of the household to create and maintain their own customized view of the Internet.

The device costs USD 199 (Rs 9000 approx) and is currently available in the US only.

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