Sketch Images in Android Devices – Download Free Sketch Pad

SketchPad is a simple and fun tool to create fast sketch or image on your Android device. You can pick colors, use brush, sprayer or draw a 3d lines.[androidqrcode:  com.nullapp.sketchpad] Sketchpad is a nicely designed web-based painting and drawing application. It’s not going to replace Photoshop, but it’s certainly full-featured and fast enough for quick edits.

Download SketchPad for Android

In  Sketchpad, your main menu would give you the two key options like paint and light. To put it aside simply, paint gives you the feel of a paint brush , while light adds a stroke to your brush on its own as a preset to give it a light effect. (depends on the foreground / background color selected).


  • Sketchpad is a great free online resource by Mugtug.
  • The Color tab gives you the codes and selection criteria based on HSV and RGBA and  makes your color selection easier.
  • Gradient tab helps  in  adjust the opacity, give a degree and adjust the colors on X Y scale from one tab.
  • Tools bar (present on left side), gives you key controls to selection, crop, text, shapes, spirograph, brush, background, stamp, erase, color selection, and foreground/background selector.

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