Make Personalized Funny Pic with Comeeko Fun Online Image Editor

ComeekoComeeko is a fun online image editor that lets you take your personal photos and transform them. It  is simple to use. With Comeeko, you can choose your unique layout, color schemes, photos, and then you can apply various comedic elements (whap! Bam! snappo!) to your strip.

Your photos can be uploaded or imported from Flickr, and you can then add speech bubbles, captions and more using Comeeko. Once you’re finished, you can post your strip to MySpace, hi5, Piczo, Facebook et al, or just share it on the site itself.

The comic strips can be rated, emailed, commented on and downloaded. With comic text, tattoos, hair pieces, and cosmetic accessories galore, a few uploads and a couple of clicks is all you’ll need to pit your best friend against Borat or slip the old man into a bikini.


  • Option to add various animations (including dialogues)
  • Option to make your strips private/public
  • Email them/download/add to your Myspace profile
  • Browse public strips gallery

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