AnmanieSMP Image Editor – Twist or Distort Photos, Create Movies

AnmanieSMP is free software that allows you to distort your images. For this the program offers several “distortion brush” to scanned images with all known file types are supported or downloaded photos to twist, distort or otherwise alienated.

The created animations can be exported as AVI video, so that great morphing effects are stored as a movie. The program provides a print function. With AnmanieSMP, You can edit your friends photos in a funny way. Then create the video in a few clicks. The main advantages of this program is,  it gives different image effects of the same picture and then animate that single image [advt]



  • A main window that contains your picture: working directly with a brush of distortion.
  • Two floating palettes allow you to choose the applied effect, and fully configure the action of the brush: practical and effective

Download AnmanieSMP

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