Hot Spot Studio – Add Effects to Images, Free Download

Hot Spot StudioHot Spot Studio is a freeware tool for creating interesting, colorful, and abstract images using its effects. Placing spotlights on the work canvas and letting the program render “lights” using its lightning formulas. You can create these spotlights using any color of your choice and also you can select your own background. The application is pretty simple to use as well.

Hot Spot Studio[advt]

Select your own color and click the add light button and create light on to the drawing screen. You can select the size and intensity. You can load a background picture or a background color. Once you click the render picture, the tool creates stunning photos using the effects and colors. Here are some sample images created using this tool.

It is a pretty software in which you can use either a solid background or a specific background image, you can place circles of whatever size and color you’d like on the canvas. Click the Render Picture button and the program transforms the colored circles into glowing orbs of light on the image. With Hot Spot Studio you can create abstract art or add snazzy effects to existing images in afunny way.

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