Siren for Batch File Renaming, Use Regular Expression

Siren is a file renamer which allows for batch file renaming based on expressions (kind of an extended Regular Expression syntax). It also allows for insertion of file information (file Date, ID3 tags).

A lot of information associated to a file can be used: name, extension, dates, selection number. Other information is extracted from it according to its type: audio, video, image (standard and RAW), EXIF, IPTC, Office document, PDF, HTML, executable, DV AVI, karaoke, torrent and URL.

Many different operations can be performed on character strings. A complete directory tree can be processed. Images can be viewed. For example, to change a file name to uppercase with the mp3 extension, the expression can be: %ub.mp3.


  • Use of expression: a lot of information associated to a file can be used
  • Move and copy files [advt]
  • Sub-directories recursion
  • Undo & Redo
  • “Drop” files and directories
  • Main and thumbnail image visualization
  • Management of the system shortcuts to Siren
  • Usable from command line
  • No installation required

Download Siren

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