PicoWeather – Weather Monitoring Utility on Windows Taskbar

PicoWeather is a small weather monitoring utility that sits in your Windows Taskbar Icon tray that tells you the weather condition and temperature of your chosen geographical area. It is very useful for those office users who just want to know what happening outside. It extracts the weather information from Yahoo! Weather.

PicoWeather’s small, notepad-like interface displays the location, time, weather conditions, and temperature of a given location along with the URL from which the information was extracted. You also can specify the source site and manually or automatically schedule periodic updates. During tests, the program didn’t require installation, only access to the Internet. ¬†Just download and saves the executable file into your desktop or any other directories of your choice.¬†Unlike other weather programs and Web sites, there’s no option to change locations, and the update feature doesn’t log the time.

Download PicoWeather

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