Signnow – E-Sign Digital Files Without Scan, Fax/Mail Documents

Signnow is a web based tool for people who need a quick way to sign documents without downloading software. You can e-sign digital files without the need to scan, fax or mail documents. You do not need to register to use Signnow, just upload the document and click the sign tool to draw your signature.

You can also type in your signature and include a sticky note just in case you want to clarify something to other parties signing the document. Once done, enter your e-mail to have the signed document sent to you or click to invite another signer, add CC e-mails, or add notes.

[advt]If you need to sign a legal document while away from your home or office you can use SignNow to upload a pdf of the document, sign the document electronically, and email it to wherever it needs to go, all without having to pay or register with SignNow.

You can optionally register with SignNow to keep your signature on file, and there is a beta premium version that adds identity protection tools and the ability to do real-time online signatures. Its free version uses standard 256-bit encryption and when you receive the email with the pdf of the signed document the email text includes the exact time the document was signed in addition to the IP address of the signer to ensure the correct person actually signed the document.

You can type your signature or use a mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen input. If you already have an image file of your signature you can upload that as well.

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