Weburlopener – Opens Multiple URL in Single Click

Weburlopener opens multiple URL in a single click. Fill the box with URLs that you wish to open. You can choose the number of urls to open based on your PC performance because too many open tabs may snail your PC. And by viewing several websites at the same time it mean right in the same window, not in separate tabs that would necessitate you click back and forth in order to compare everything. On Web URL Opener, all that has to be done is to individualize the sites that one wants to be displayed simultaneously for them to be duly opened.

[advt]There is actually no limit to the number of sites that you can have visualized like this. The only limitations are the ones dictated by common sense you should not request the application open more at once sites than your PC could handle, and you should not open more sites than your eyes could comfortably see.


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