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Any Screen Capture allows you to print screen pictures and select grabbing area in rectangle, ellipse, window, control, menu and custom shapes etc. It can also preform DVD screen capture and game screen capture from hard-to-grab DirectX mode video applications, auto-scroll window to capture long web pages or long documents. The program integrates with new smart painting and editing features, saves images in popular BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats, and it supports Windows clipboard, auto-saving and hotkey.

Download Any Screen Capture


  • Supports 15 screen capture modes.
  • Grabs video image of some DVD or game programs.
  • Automatically vertically scroll and capture the contents of a window.
  • Captures menu bar and cascaded menu.
  • Highlights selected region without screen flicker.
  • Automatically saves file’s properties – directory configurable.
  • Supports image files in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF formats.
  • Copies the screenshot to clipboard manually or automatically.
  • Automatically sends captured images as e-mail attachments.
  • Allows both stretch and move modes to the grabber by toggling with the right mouse button when capturing areas.
  • Redefines favorite hotkeys.
  • Supports zoom In/Out and undo/redo 10 steps.
  • Provides custom and preview print layout.
  • Supports powerful image editing functions.

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