Share Life Experiences, Events and Journeys using Pix-Yu

Pix-Yu is an online virtual space where a user can share life experiences, events, journeys, holidays, meetings and much more, by uploading unlimited number of pictures.  With Pix-Yu, members can communicate together through the internal messaging system that allows speaking and exchanging messages, and receiving notifications via e-mail.


It’s possible to connect an event to an unlimited number of items and to each item an unlimited number of pictures. In the present beta release, it is possible to create maximum ten events for each registered user.

The web interface is friendly and fast. It permits instant browsing. To register, it is necessary to fill three fields (username, password and email) and to confirm it all once via email. Immediately after the user will be able to modify the account’s personal profile customizing it freely, integrating it with Google Map, a Flickr account and much more.

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