Upload Videos and Photos from your Phone with ShoZu

ShoZuShoZu is the easiest and coolest way to upload videos and photos from your phone to your sharing Web sites. It is easy to send and receive photos, videos and music while you’re on the move.

With ShoZu, you can add a description and tags. You can set up your favourite email addresses and blogs in ShoZu and then email or post your photos and videos in seconds. When friends or fans comment on any of your photos on the Web, ShoZu forwards those comments to your phone.

Depending on your phone type, ShoZu allows you to:

  • Add descriptions[advt]
  • Add tags
  • Securely back-up your contacts to your private ShoZu account
  • Send or blog photos and videos from your phone
  • View and reply to recent visitor comments on your sharing sitethat Have been transferred to your phone
  • Upload photos and videos to the Internet
  • Get your friends photos automatically sent to your phone so you can See what they see
  • Change your statuses across social networks
  • Geo-tag your photos (if you have integrated GPS)

ShoZu provide fast and easy access to photo sharing communities, mobile blogs, videocasts, podcasts and other web content directly from the handset.

The company’s patented data replication technology transfers any kind of data effortlessly and inexpensively between a mobile phone and the Internet, including photos and videos taken with camera phones.

ShoZu’s open architecture makes it possible to interact with multiple web communities, portals and other online sources, giving consumers a broad choice of media from a single service.

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