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I have collected the following list of world’s mobile careers from This provides an eazy way to send SMS (text messages) as email, free of charge for the sender.

I do not endorse thi list and I have no means to test whether this works or not. Use this list at your own risk! The SMS receiver may be charged by their mobile career! Do not send the bill to me! smiling


T-Mobile (USA): [email protected]
Virgin Mobile (USA): [email protected]
Cingular (USA): [email protected]
Sprint (USA): [email protected]
Verizon (USA): [email protected]
Nextel (USA): [email protected]
Alltel – [email protected]
Ameritech (ACSWireless) – [email protected]
Arch Wireless – (assumes blank PIN)
AT&T Wireless – [email protected]
BeeLine GSM – [email protected]
Bell Mobility Canada – Enter your phone number, including the “1” prefix. [email protected]
BellSouth Mobility – [email protected]
Blue Sky Frog – [email protected]
Cellular South – [email protected]
CellularOne (Dobson) – [email protected]
Centennial Wireless –
cingular – [email protected]
cingular IM Plus/Bellsouth IPS – Enter 8 digit PIN or user name. Goes to
cingular IM Plus/Bellsouth IPS Cellphones – Enter phone number. Goes to
Dutchtone/Orange-NL – [email protected]
Edge Wireless – [email protected]
Fido Canada – [email protected]
Golden Telecom – [email protected]
Idea Cellular – [email protected]
J-Phone – [email protected]
Kyivstar – [email protected]
LMT – [email protected]
Manitoba Telecom Systems – [email protected]
Meteor – [email protected]
Metrocall Pager – [email protected]
Mobilfone – [email protected]
NBTel – [email protected]
Netcom – [email protected]
Nextel – Goes to [email protected]
NPI Wireless – [email protected]
NTELOS – [email protected]
O2 (formerly BTCellnet) – Enter O2 username – must be enabled first at Goes to [email protected]
O2 M-mail (formerly BTCellnet) – Enter phone number, omitting intial zero – must be enabled first by sending an SMS saying “ON” to phone number “212”. Goes to +44[number]
Optus – [email protected]
Pacific Bell cingular – number
Pagenet – [email protected]
PCS Rogers AT&T Wireless – [email protected]
Powertel – [email protected]
PSC Wireless – [email protected]
Qualcomm – [email protected]
Qwest – [email protected]
Skytel (Alphanumeric) – [email protected]
Smarts GSM –
Sprint PCS – [email protected]
Sprint PCS (Short Mail) – [email protected]
SunCom – [email protected]
SureWest Communications – [email protected]
T-Mobile Austria – Enter your number starting with 43676. Email will be sent to [email protected]
T-Mobile Germany – [email protected]
T-Mobile Netherlands – Send “EMAIL ON” to 555 from your phone, then enter your number starting with 316. Email will be sent to [email protected]
T-Mobile USA – [email protected]
Telefonica Movistar – [email protected]
Telus Mobility – [email protected]
uBoot – Enter your username as the phone number. See for more details
UMC – [email protected]
US Cellular – Enter a 10 digit USCC Phone Number. Messages are sent via and only contain the message field
Verizon Wireless – [email protected]
Verizon Wireless (formerly Airtouch) – Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to [email protected] This is ONLY for former AirTouch customers.
Verizon Wireless ( – [email protected]
Vessotel – [email protected]
Virgin Mobile UK – [email protected]
Virgin Mobile USA – [email protected]
Weblink Wireless – [email protected]
WyndTell – username/[email protected]



  1. they are not conviniance with the customar,when i am sending a sms to my brother it showing sir you cannot send sms to saudi,sorry for the inconviniance. what is this now how we can send sms to gulf countries.reply

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  3. What i need is a script in my website where users can log in an send free sms. is it possible? pls keep in touch


  5. Sir, I just want to any website through which call from pc to mobile with cheap rate of cost from india to UAE please infirmation me my email sir. By, Antonysamy

  6. It is good coverage to get sms worldwide specially India that have strong free support to send sms via internet

  7. Hi

    i am looking for the career id’s in KSA ( Saudi Arabia) for Mobily,zain & Stc.

    Please provide the career details for the Above Mobile Companies.



  8. Can any one tell me that how can i send free sms from internet to kuwait?
    Is there any web site?
    Then kindly inform me…Please….!!

  9. Dear Sir,
    I am from Europe. Any programmes to free send SMS to Maharashtra Airtel from Europe. How many SMS to Airtel Mobile phones daily.?
    Please help me

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  11. Can you say any website or software through which bulk sms can be send free of cost from pc in india to india.

  12. hi i want to send sms to iran on mobile provider hamrah aval i couldt find any site from which i can send free sms to iran so please tel me the site thnking u

  13. I don’t mean to be too in your face, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and I think I’ll come to this blog more often.

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  16. Me Two I Am Searching for ages and found nothing i wanna know is there a website to send sms to kuwait mobiles and free ❓

  17. do you about any website or software through which bulk sms can be send free of cost from pc in punjab / india

  18. i want to know about any free software or website from which i can send sms in punjab (india) to mobile from pc

  19. hi! Can any body tell me message centre number so as to send free sms in Smart(Reliance) Connection.

  20. hi,
    i just wanna to knw free smsing unlimited in india [ are u knw any software that will free of cost downloadable}

    pls informed me.

  21. bhavan on February 14th, 2008 at 11:16 am IST :

    i want to know about any site for free sms fro bsnl and tata

    you can use


  23. Hi,

    Can any one tell me how to send text sms to a saudi arabian mobile from any email. i am able to send sms to all Indian mobiles from email but i want to send sms to a mobile in Saudi. please help me.

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  25. Forgot to add that when using the yahoo mobile device register, you need to guess/choose the correct provider for your area, and choose “not listed” for the phone.

    As you might not know who is the actual service provider….You might call Helio and ask them who the service provider is in your area and choose it from Sree’s list of SMS addresses. Send your self a text from your email to see if it works.

    In Service,


  26. Helio SMS
    When I asked, the Helio CS told me to use yahoo or msn mobile device alerts but did not have the sms address for my mobile number that I was looking for.

    To send a regular SMS to Helio user in the San Francisco Bay area, use their mobile number

    Sprint is Helio’s main service provider in this area.

    I discovered this while signing up for a yahoo mobile device alert (yahoo mail/options/filters/Mobile Device User/register)…. yahoo sent me a “text” message confirmation code, it showed my address as


    Perhaps Helio has an agreement with sprint not to give out this information…or maybe they just don’t know. Depending on where your Helio service is based, the yahoo Mobile Device User register procedure might present you with your correct SMS address.

    In Service,

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