TeleFlip to Send SMS from Computer

Use TeleFlip to send messages from any email or web-email program to virtually every cell phone in the US and your email will be received as a text message on their cell phone in seconds. First 100 TeleFlips are free each month. No registration required for free services.

You can send an email with the a short message to [email protected] and the short message will be delivered to the cell phone. You can send the email from any mail application including AOL, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail. Recipient’s cell phone must be SMS (text message) enabled. TeleFlip works in the USA and Canada only. Most wireless phone carriers are supported.



  1. may i know its possible to send textsms to bamgladesh or pls advice me from which sight i can send sms (mobile) to bangladesh

  2. it is funny that in USA incoming SMS are also charged and so your american friends may not like your frewuent free smessing 🙂 🙂

    so be careful… your enthusiam may meet cold response.

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