Nimbuzz – Free Messaging and Low Cost International Calls

Nimbuzz, a Netherlands company, provides Mobile Messaging, Chat and Voice service. Nimbuzz IM and Text Messaging are provided absolutely free. The service is available on more than 500 different types of phones in over 35 different countries. Nimbuzz is available as a (downloadable) J2ME client for mobile phones, for mobile web browser (no download required) and as a Windows PC client.

If both caller and receiver have downloaded Nimbuzz, mobile-to-mobile calls can be placed through Nimbuzz. It will be tariffed at the rates of receiver’s local or national call, even for international calls. In India.

Also the Nimbuzz text messaging (SMS) functionality if totally free as long as both mobile devices have Nimbuzz installed. There is no charge sending or receiving a message, except any data charges levied by your mobile carrier. You can search for your friends by name, e-mail address or Nimbuzz username.

Nimbuzz Chat supports Skype, MSN, Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo.. Nimbuzz allows you to chat for free with your friends on all leading instant messaging services. Nimbuzz supports Skype, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo on your mobile phone. Using Nimbuzz, you can chat for free with your friends on their mobile phone or PC. For mobile to mobile chat, both phones need to have Nimbuzz installed. Nimbuzz supports chat separately with many of your friends at the same time. Nimbuzz also supports group chat up to 25 people in the conversation. In one of the many Free chat rooms, you can talk with anyone you like, wherever you are. There’s a wide selection of chat room topics. Join them or create your own chat rooms, public or private.

Nimbuzz Voice

  • Nimbuzz, MSN and Google Talk supported – Nimbuzz allows you to call your friends who are connected to MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.
  • Mobile to mobile call: Calling from your home country to the receivers home country, you both pay the lowest local rate available for international calls. Instead of paying huge telephone rates, you share the local telephone costs. For mobile to mobile calls, both phones need to have Nimbuzz installed.
  • Mobile to PC call: The caller only pays the lowest local rate available. The receiver (PC) pays nothing.
  • PC to mobile call: The conversation for the PC user will be completely free. The receiver of the call who uses a mobile phone, will only have to pay the lowest local rate.
  • PC to PC call: When using Nimbuzz for PC to PC calling, you both will communicate for free.
  • Call to and from more than 35 countries at local costs, including India.
  • BUZZ Feature: When you BUZZ your Nimbuzz contacts, his mobile will ring once with the Nimbuzz ID displayed. With this feature you can get them to come online, ready to chat, call or read your message.


  1. tried to purchase credit but got error , is there any other way to purchase credit? can my friend send/transfer me credit ?

  2. hi;;;;;
    actually i want to know about, how we can recharge the nimbuzz account on mobilephone. and what the mean of permotional code? and whats the rates apply if i call to india from newzealand.

  3. some of these free sms text web pages dosn’t deliver if u use them. But there is one for sure that can deliver successfuly it caled mjoy but some people alway have challege with registration.but i help u figure it jst dia me +2347032925454.

  4. i am looking to call syria so how much the rate there
    if i am calling from uae
    in ather side to let you know that nimbuzz website is blocked in uae but i downlaoded from syria
    in ither side i am using nimbuzz from 2 years

  5. please send all detail price , how much minute or hour to india, pakista, bangladesh etc., from 5$ and 10$ and etc., i want to spread buznis if callling card Pc to Phone from ur company is cheap , i already sale so many co. calling card. pls. send detail ….
    hope u do so well…………

  6. And for those who don’t want to download software to their phones, there is Rebtel which works with any phone that is not broken. If you and your friend both live in one of 40 supported countries, you only pay your local calls if the recipient of the call hangs up and calls back. Otherwise, there is a very small per minute fee on top of the local call, but then you can call any country in the world. Try it at!

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