See-Through Management in IT Companies

Infosys Blog quotes a Forrester Research report that clients expect efficiency and transparency when working with their IT service providers.

Transparent Management is important in IT industry as the employees are really the brilliant cream from the population. Transparency and values positively affect their motivation, inclusivity and innovation.

Transparency is the key factor in building Trust. So to build a trustable relationship with customers, organizations need to be transparent in every transaction with the customer. The ‘world is flat’, so there is no ‘hillocks’ hindering the vision. Therefore, see-through management is important.

Transparency is needed in the process, involving open communication, data capture, measurements and being ethical in the process. Just the lip services by the senior management does do not achieve it on the ground. Transparency will never get implemented unless managers and employees embrace it honestly.

To make interactions with the customer transparent to the needed level, it should be practiced within the corporate so that employees will get used this culture. I heard that some of the smaller companies even pay ‘salary’ which is not accounted in the compensation letters to save tax! It is time to change!

It is said that, you can teach people new skills, but you cannot teach ethics to people who are fundamentally disposed to do you harm. Behavior can be changed by skill training, but not traits. This should be taken care in recruiting process.


  1. That’s right ayyappa, I agree with you.

    But an organization will get ample time to bring the freshers into the company philososhy, provided there are good leaders to mentor them or act as a buddy for them.

    But when recruiting laterals, who already have absorbed the culture/philosophy of another organization, interview process need to be stringent, to the extent possible to make sure that he can be tuned into the new organization’s values.

  2. sree,

    i think the difficulty is in finding people with same attitude or same cultural fit. but many of these traits will be visible only when you are faced with situations that gives option of doing right vs wrong. most of our recruits are young and fresh out of college. i feel we don’t get a clear idea of how they will turn out in a work environment. qn is – how do you test ethics and principles of a person in 1 hr interview, especially someone who hasn’t worked for a day in his entire life, how will he himself know his attitude towards work?

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