IT Job Satisfaction Goes Down to All-Time Low, Survey Says

A job satisfaction survey by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a Washington-based advisory firm that counts many Fortune 500 firms among its clients, found that the number of dissatisfied workers continues to increase in IT industry. The firm surveys 150,000 workers each quarter, asking a battery of behavioral questions about their jobs. About 10,000 of the those surveyed work in IT jobs.

The survey found that the willingness of IT employees to “exert high levels of discretionary effort” – put in extra hours to solve a problem, make suggestions for improving processes, and generally seek to play a key role in an organization – has plummeted to its lowest levels since the survey was launched 10 years ago.

The recession and its accompanying reorganizations and layoffs have been corrosive to IT employee job satisfaction. And that job dissatisfaction is increasing concerns among many employment experts that key employees may leave current jobs as soon as they get what they perceive is a better offer.

Two years ago, about 12% of the IT employees fit in category of “highly engaged” workers, but that has since fallen to 4%.

A Dice survey of 360 people in August found that over a third were planning to change jobs once the job market improves. Tech workers are under constant pressure to keep up and want to be in jobs where they can learn and grow.

[source: Computerworld]

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