Clock Your Time In, Time Out With SMS

I heard from a few friends that, nowadays its very strict in Infosys employees should have clocked 9.25 hours per day (up from earlier 8 or 8.75 hours?); that is physically present in the office premises. If they don’t clock in the average hours per day, they will have to apply for leave. It seems all Indian IT corporates like Infosys have made similar strict rules. As always, there is no upper limit to the number of hours spend in office! There are no strict rules to help people balance their work and life, if there is something like that!

Now employees are more worries about reaching office as early as possible and punch their badge, rather than thinking about the tasks for today! Employees get up in the morning, go to office, punch the badge and then go have their breakfast, read newspaper, (print or online). 🙂 The timing might even affect their promotion as well! The word effectiveness is almost forgotten, I guess! Oh yes, that’s corporate life, live with it.

What if people had an option to remotely punch their attendance? Via web or mobile? 🙂

Now, back to the news. now offers SMS technology of allowing employees to clock in and out using their cell phones. Employee’s unique phone number is linked to the employee’s account in the HourDoc system.


To clock their time, employees send a basic text message command to the system. The commands are “in” (clocking in), “out” (clocking out), “bin” (taking a break/clock in) or “bout” (taking a break/clock out). The HourDoc system then receives these SMS text messages, and posts the according time entries to that employee’s electronic timesheet.

This is mainly useful for companies having employees out in the field. They don’t have to physically go to the company’s location to sign the register or use the time punching machine. They can just clock in once they arrive at the site using their cell phones.

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