Search Flight Schedules and Airline Routes on Google

google-logoGoogle introduced a facility for searching flight schedules and airline routes. This search feature of Google will enable millions of flyers across the world to get flight information in a matter of seconds instead of going through several travel websites, clicking through a few pages, and waiting for search results.

Google has not provided a dedicated section or channel for this search feature. But by entering a few simple search words anybody in the world can search for the travel destination and find out about the airlines that services that particular travel destination. One can also get to know the specific route and flight timings on deciding to fly to that destination.¬†one can just type ‘flights from X‘ and get the latest information about all the outgoing flights and timings in a matter of seconds.

[advt]Travelers can also make use of an alternate search criterion – searching all destinations with non-stop flights from a specific airport.

For example, in order to get the list of all flights from Trivandrum International Airport, just search for flights from trivandrum. You get a response, as given below.[source]

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