Load Website Faster/Instantly Using Google Instant Pages

Google LogoGoogle has announced Instant Pages, a new feature that will predict which page a user will choose from a list of search results and begin fetching its data – even before they have clicked on the link.

Google Instant Pages will help users get to their desired search results even faster–in some cases even instantly! The Instant Pages feature is enabled by prerendering technology that google is building into Chrome and then is intelligently triggered by web search when google is confident about which result is the best answer for your search.

This prerendering technology is currently in the Chrome Dev Channel and will be going to Beta later this week.


[advt]Instant Pages helps visitors arrive at your site faster. When google trigger Instant Pages for your site, users can start interacting with your site almost immediately, without having to wait for text and images to load. Google will only trigger Instant Pages when google have very high confidence that your site is the exact result users are looking for.

Search traffic will be measured in Webmaster Tools just like before this feature, with only results the user visited counted. Google take the time this summer before the feature launches in stable versions of Chrome to collect your feedback.

The vast majority of sites will automatically work correctly when prerendered in Chrome. Check out the prerendering post on the Chromium blog if you want to learn more about how prerendering works in Chrome or how you can detect that your site is being prerendered.

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