Seamless3d – Free CAD Software

Seamless3d is free CAD software that lets you create 3D designs which can be used in presentations or project works by those that create them. It suits users of all ability levels with basic features and some that are complex enough to keep the advanced users happy.

It helps you to create 3D models that look realistic and professional. It has a user friendly interface to let you create 3D designs easily and to a high standard. You can do scripting, morphing and other excellent design techniques to ensure that your modeling is high quality.  Its ideal for making high quality animated movies, optimizing models for real time graphics and lets you log into the Seamless3d chat server to chat and show your work to fellow Seamless3d modellers.

Download Seamless3d 


  • It gives you an efficient output
  • It has a tree view interface
  • It lets you export files to VRML, X3D Obj and POV-Ray formats
  • It exports and imports HAnim
  • It lets you import Canal/Blaxxun studio avatars
  • It also lets you import and export BVH motion capture files
  • It supports FFmpeg which further allows the creation of other formats
  • It gives you seamless texture mapping to help you create 3D models
  • It supports JPG and PNG texture formats
  • [advt]It has NURBS lathes and patching
  • It allows multi user 3D chat web browsing
  • It has an intuitive animation bar
  • It has polygon sub division and much more

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