Magiclantern – Free Software for Presentation Creating

MagicLantern is free multimedia presentation software that lets its users create presentations. It can be used for your presentations and project works. You can even create presentations on one platform and transfer it to another in an instant. You just have to drag and drop the images you wish to use from your file browser into MagicLantern.

Download MagicLantern


  • MagicLantern has an advanced editor
  • It supports advanced multimedia projectors
  • It is compatible with almost every multimedia remote control
  • It is intuitive, innovative and efficient
  • It lets you play your own provided sound effects for different images
  • It is able to create its own thumbnails and scales the images to optimize your presentations
  • MagicLantern uses your present library of photographic and other images to create multimedia presentations.
  • MagicLantern has an advanced editor that supports drag and drop methods and accepts images dragged from your system’s file browser as well as its own editing windows.
  • [advt]MagicLantern supports modern multimedia projectors and is compatible with the majority of multimedia remote controls.
  • MagicLantern is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • MagicLantern can play user-provided sound effects keyed to specific images.
  • MagicLantern creates its own thumbnails and scaled images to optimize presentations.
  • MagicLantern can be programmed to deliver multimedia presentations automatically.

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