UMPlayer – Media Player that Plays any Format of Media Files

UMPlayer is a free media player that plays almost any media file. It is the abbreviation of Universal media player that is capable of playing media file of any format and size. It comes packed with a number of inbuilt features and codes that allow the user to play or watch media file of different formats with ease. Also it can play broken or incomplete media files.

UMPlayer can play:

  • Audio CDs.
  • VCDs,
  • TV/ Radio card media,
  • YouTube Videos.
  • SHOUTcast streams.

Download UMPlayer


  • Audio delay adjustments while watching movies.
  • Configurable subtitles for the media files.
  • Multi language support. As many as 35 languages are supported by this freeware.
  • Options to remember the media settings and positions to be used while playing is resumed.
  • Integrated Search options to search for media in YouTube and SHOUTcast sites.
  • Options to search for subtitles are integrated as well.
  • A customizable interface to change the look and feel .
  • As many as 270 codecs are available that can handle almost any media format that is popular these days.
  • Unmatched format support for Audio and video files DVD videos, file folders TCP/ UDP files, MMS formats etc.,
  • [advt]Support for various subtitle formats including DVD, JACOsub, RT etc to name a few among many others.,
  • Audio equalizer options, presets, Track switching options are available.
  • Command line usage, customizable hotkey options are also available.
  • Video equalizers, Thumbnail capture options are also available.
  • Screenshots captures, DVD menus etc., are some of the great features that are available.

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