– Book Your Bus Tickets Online, the Bangalore based startup founded by three software professionals from BITS Pilani, provides online ticket booking for long distance Buses across India. You can book your bus tickets online, over the phone or over the mobile.

redBus has partnered with over 250 bus operators and operating over 3600 routes across India. You can book a ticket at over 30,000+ redBus outlets also. You can choose your seat online and book return bus tickets also. RedBus also offers home delivery in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, for a fee of Rs 20.

When booking online, you can pay using debit cards, credit cards, Internet enabled online bank accounts or cash on delivery. redBus does not charge you more for their service. You just need to pay exactly the same price as you would pay to your travel agent.

[advt]The tickets booked through redBus can be canceled online. When a ticket is canceled, your money will be refunded in the form of a Cash Coupon which can be used for an equivalent Indian currency during the next transaction, within 6 months of cancellation. However, if you wish to cash it through the customer care centres.


It is mandatory to take a printout of the ticket or the email and produce it at the time of boarding. May be redBus can look at options for using the SMS messages instead of printing tickets. Sign up with some SMS providers and deliver the tickets to the mobile phone. With the ticket details from the a particular number corresponding to the redBus on the cell phone and with a photo identity card, the traveler could be admitted to the bus. Or may be some better ideas could be implemented and deliver the SMS ticket!

What is their business model? redBus does not charge extra for the tickets. So will they get commission paid by the tour operators? I guess, redBus is the new generation booking center replacing the ‘over phone’ method and there by earning revenue as commission. Once the network is established, this works like a booking agent network with an online face. Not bad!

The website works just like any other (old) web 1.0 database driven website. It has not moved to the AJAX interface. In a way, keep it simple and get profitable before the next leap! More time and effort needs to be invested in building the network rather than technology.

Red Bus Contacts

National toll number 1860-425-1111
Bangalore 080-39412345
Chennai 044-39412345
Mumbai 022-39412345
Hyderabad 040-39412345
Pune 020-39412345
Delhi 011-43558580
Ahmedabad 079-39412345
Vizag 040-39412345
Vijayawada 040-39412345

Have you used How was their service? Share your experience.

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  1. Terrible Service from Red Bus .. Incomptent people handling customers and bookings …. I booked 5 tickets on redbus the agent messed up my booking. Post cancelling these tickets im yet to get my refund !! You can never get through the call lines … The Team Leaders and Agents dont bother to get back to you .. its a painful long drawn out process …. My recommendation is to avoid Red Bus. Pathetic Service!

  2. i visited belgaum to banglore by vrl througt redbus on 09 aug11 from by isuzu which depart 2230 hrs fm belgaum. i got mobile ticket.Now i need ticket for our department submission for which i will get money refunded by department.i booked 03 tickets. Pl do needful.thanks

  3. Red bus has got pathetic system. Their sytem are not robust enough. I have already lost some money because of red bus. While cancelling it confirmed me online that ur ticket has been cancelled but to my dismay when i did,nt received money, i checked wid red bus and they said ticket was never cancelled. How can it be???? they are jst robbibg ppl.
    On second instance, when i tried partial cancellation, they said partial cancellation is not allowed. u will have to cancel all the seats in the ticket. Where on earth such type of sytem exists. Even i tried connvincing them that u charge cancellation fees of all seats but again re book two seats and cancel on seat…..even that is not possible……

    Such a pathetic system……vow to never use redbus again…….

  4. seems to have no control over the bus operators. So far I have used Volvo Buses from only 2 bus operators KSRTC and KPN Travels. Both are good operators and have their own ticket booking websites and hence do not sell through

    However a lot of unknown 3rd rate bus operators without own websites are main users of So beware.

    • Thats not true.In bangalore, they do it with VRL Travels,SRS and Sharma.All are big names and also have their own sites and payment gateways and still they do it with redbus.

  5. For first few times, it was okay. The problem started when I needed to interact with them for ticket cancellation. Man it sucked! Big time. It did not get cancel online, their call center was a pain. They cancelled late and obviously charged me.

    And yes! I used to book very frequently from Banglore-Mumbai-Banglore. Since then I tried few times but it was a terrible terrible experience.

    So, I will say that its good if you want to book the ticket only. Don’t expect any other kind of support from them and if u needed to interact with them for anything….god help u. 🙂

  6. This is the second time I am trying this site, the earlier time I had a good service and journey. Some of my friends who had a good experience suggested this service to me. So far so good, but my logic would be I would give them feedbacks to improve on rather than just lament… if they do not learn then i go to another.

    One suggestion for now, why not include the RTC buses also… this will be a great boon as then we can see all buses in one place and make an informed decision, if not we have to first check in the KSRTC site for the buses and then check here match our need and then decide. I hope you succeed in convincing RTC’s to join in.

    Another suggestion – I read about your business model, but I would suggest that a nominal fee for a good service people would be willing to pay. Think of it…

  7. Apparently there are far too many negative reviews, but my experience has been just the opposite… I travel to Bangalore very frequently from Chennai and have been delighted with the promptness of their service every single time…

    Once I had to cancel my return ticket in the last minute and rebook.. was not sure if I would get any refund … to my surprise I managed to get my ticket re-booked for a later time and the refund amount was adjusted.

    I’m all in favour of the service and recommend others to try them at least once.

  8. This provide a very very Bad service. I never face that much

    problem after buying a ticket from that website in my whole life. after

    receiving the payment they are not entertain your any call or any

    query. as my departure time is 8.30 PM but i am still waiting and there

    is 10.30 on by watch. They are not provide any bus number on ticket,

    they only give the seat number and i change bus 3 times till now. and

    still there is no body there to entertain us. even when i call on the

    given number on his website and ticket, my call put on hold for a very

    long time and when i redial no body pick up the phone. and when i am

    trying to cancel the ticket it always gives a error message which is

    “ERROR: Unable to process your request. Please try later. “. Now dont

    know what to do. So My request to all passenger who are going to buy

    ticket from this “” please do confirm the bus number and also

    the timing. and i prefer please never book ticket from this website and

    you will be very happy. as i am going on trip by taking leave from

    office but my whole night and whole schedule is now go in hell.
    So Please, My request to all of you please never book ticket from this


    Thanks and Regards
    Divas Gupta

  9. pathetic service. DONT EVER EVER go to this site. They will take minimum 10 years to scale up their current service..

  10. My experience with .

    I tried booking through their site and it ended up in error msg after paying them through online. I tried their customer care number and for them sunday is holiday.. and no service.. I called them on monday ..told they get back to me with 2 min.. no response .. I called them after 1 hour.. same thing happend ,,, Iike that I called them 6-8 times ..

    The worst experience I ever had from a sevice provider..

    Actually they are using a 3rd party payment gateway service and they will give
    the information after 1-3 days.. may be it will take 1 week also..

    After 2 days they called me and told they recived my payment and they dont
    have any seat for me. Best Service..!!

    So take care while booking tickets from .. you will end up in
    a error message.

  11. Hi,
    I will never use redbus in future and moreover will not recommend it to my friends.
    The service is too bad, bus condition worse
    When you board the bus you have to wat for around 2 hours for the departure.
    And worst was ,a transaction was done from my account but no ticket issued and its over a month and they have not refunded the money.

  12. Hi
    I decided sometime back that I will not use this stupid service.I was called about half an hour before the departure that the bus is cancelled.
    I had checked with the operator earlier and was told that they DO NOT have a tie up with redbus or anyone online.

    On top of that the market which is really cluttered can not have someone having an online travel agency(Redbus and likes).Plus this is based on quotas and not real time…..
    I give a total thumbs down to redbus!!!!

    PS:Money they said, would be refunded in vouchers but I fought for it and got it transferred online!! phew!!

  13. Thats a really good service, I tried it once and it worked.

    I did reach my destination 😉

    But can anyone provide a list of SMS SERVICE PROVIDERS in India, I am looking for such a service for our corporate application.

    Many Thanks,

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