SBI Freedom – State Bank Mobile Banking Application

State Bank of India recently launched a service called “SBI Freedom“. With “SBI Freedom”, customers can use facilities like balance inquiry, mini statement, fund transfer, cheque book issuance, mobile recharge and bill payment at any time and place through the use of their cellphones. SBI has added rail and air ticket booking and shopping to this service. Now you can book airline/ rail/ bus/ movie tickets and also shop online from your mobile phone using State Bank Freedom through NGPAY application.

A customer is registered when he or she sends an SMS to 567676 prefixed with the area code. The service is activated either after the password is verified at an ATM or by the bank branch when the customer appears in person. This makes the system foolproof. People living in remote areas and students would benefit the most from this service.

With SBI Freedom, your bills can be paid or money sent to the loved ones or balance inquiries done anytime 24×7. SBI Freedom offers convenience, simple, secure, anytime and anywhere banking.

The limit for daily fund transfers and bill payments is Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. Currently the facility will be available only on Java-enabled mobile phones with GPRS connections. Customers can get the software for the service installed at any of the bank’s branches for free through Bluetooth technology.

The service is presently available on java enabled mobile phones over SMS/ GPRS/ WAP as also non java phones with GPRS connection. The service can be availed over the free GPRS facilities offered by various mobile service providers. The services for other non-Java mobile phones is offered using Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD).



With SBI Freedom, you can do:

  • Funds transfer (within and outside the bank –using NEFT)
  • Enquiry services (Balance enquiry/ Mini statement)
  • Request services (cheque book request)
  • Bill Payment (Utility bills, credit cards)
  • M-Commerce (Mobile Top Up, Merchant payment, SBI life insurance premium)

The Mobile Banking Service will be available to all the customers having a satisfactory running account (Current/ Savings). The customers will have to register for the services.

Daily transaction limits for fund transfer and bill/ merchant payment will be Rs.5000 and Rs.10,000 respectively per customer with an overall calendar month limit of Rs.30,000.

The service will be carrier-agnostic i.e. all customers can avail the mobile banking service with the Bank irrespective of the service provider for their mobiles.

The service is free of charge. However, the cost of SMS / GPRS connectivity will have to be borne by the customer.

You can download the Mobile App to your mobile phone or PC.

How to Download SBI Mobile Banking Application to your Mobile Handset

The Mobile Banking Application can be downloaded using (i) Bluetooth (ii) Datacable

Using Bluetooth

STEP I: Downloading the Mobile Banking Application from website

  1. On the website click on Mobile Banking under Services. Click on ‘Download Mobile Banking Application’. You will be directed to a site for downloading the application.
  2. Choose your mobile make from the drop down options on the left side and then select your mobile model from the list displayed.
  3. You will get two options (i) Download application to PC (ii) Download application to mobile.
  4. If you have GPRS connectivity, choose the second option. You will receive a WAP link over SMS. You can download the application by clicking on the link.
  5. If you do not have GPRS connectivity, choose the first option to download the application to PC/laptop.
  6. The mobile banking application which is compatible with the model chosen by you will be saved on your PC.

STEP II: Download the Application from PC to mobile handset using Bluetooth

  1. Install the Bluetooth on the PC/ laptop, if not already available, using the CD provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Insert the Bluetooth dongle in the CPU. This works like a pendrive.
  3. Click on the Icon of Bluetooth on Desktop. A screen will open up.
  4. Please ensure the Bluetooth in your mobile is on and it is visible for other mobile devices.
  5. Click on My Bluetooth and choose Bluetooth Device Discovery.
  6. The mobiles which are in the vicinity of the computer having Bluetooth which is ON will be shown on the screen.
  7. Right click on the icon of the concerned mobile and choose Pair Device.
  8. A screen will open up asking for a Passkey. Enter any key of your choice.
  9. The message will be sent to the concerned mobile and the same key has to be entered there for pairing it with the computer.
  10. Right click on the mobile icon and choose Refresh Services. The service available for the mobile will be highlighted on the top of the screen.
  11. Choose Bluetooth Object Push Services and click the right button of the mouse and choose Send Object.
  12. In the window displayed under files of types at the bottom choose All Files.
  13. In the screen under Desktop you will find the file that was downloaded from website. It will be labeled SBIFreedom. Choose the same.
  14. The file will be sent to the chosen mobile. It has to be accepted by the recipient mobile and the file will be downloaded.

Another method of using Bluetooth is explained below

  1. Locate the SBIFreedom file on the computer and right-click the file icon. Select Send To -> Bluetooth and the mobile phone if it is displayed in the list.
  2. If the phone is not displayed in the list, select “Other…” -> a window titled “Select Device” appears.
  3. Select the phone in the list and click “OK”.
  4. Bluetooth file transfer begins.
  5. Note: If the computer has not been previously “paired” as a trusted device with the phone, this needs to be done by setting an arbitrary passkey on the phone and re-typing it on the computer to authenticate the file transfer.
  6. On the phone, a prompt may appear requiring authorization of the file transfer. Click “Yes” to receive the file. (This step is skipped if you have set you computer as a trusted device in the phone’s Bluetooth settings)
  7. A New Message Received indicates the file transfer is complete. Open the message to begin the installation process.
  8. Switch of the Bluetooth function in the mobile when it is not used as phones are susceptible to virus attacks.

Using Data Cable

If your computer is not equipped with Bluetooth, it is possible to transfer the SBI Mobile Application you downloaded from to your phone over USB using the mobile manufacturer software which came with the mobile. For e.g. use Nokia PC Suite software if you are using a Nokia mobile to transfer the SBI mobile application to your phone.

How to Register for “SBI Freedom” Mobile Banking Service

The registration process for Mobile Banking Service consists of two processes : (i) Over mobile handset  (ii) At SBI ATM or at branch

Process over mobile handset

Step I

Send a SMS to 567676 (e.g.MBSREG Nokia 6600). You will get a User ID, default MPIN and a link by SMS which can be used to download the application if you have GPRS connectivity. If you have a non-java mobile phone with GPRS connection, you can use the Mobile Banking Service over WAP (explained under “WAP based Mobile Banking Service”). If you have a non java mobile phone without GPRS connection, you can use Mobile Banking Service over USSD which will be introduced by the Bank shortly.

Step II

If GPRS connectivity is not available, please do the following. Download the application on your PC by going to the website. After downloading, transfer application to your mobile using the data cable that was received along with the phone. If the phone and the PC have Bluetooth facility you can transfer the application from the PC to the handset via the Bluetooth. If these are not feasible you may get assistance from the branch for installing the application on your handset.

Step III

After installation of the application, please login using the User ID received in the SMS. The User ID is case sensitive and has to be entered as received over SMS.

After opening the mobile banking application, you will be prompted to change the MPIN. If not prompted, please select “Settings” from Main Menu and choose “Change MPIN”. The default MPIN has to be entered in the “old MPIN” and a new MPIN of your choice (6 digits) in the “new MPIN” which has to be confirmed by entering the new MPIN once again in “Confirm new MPIN”. Send the request. You will receive the confirmation of change in MPIN over SMS. THE MPIN SHOULD HAVE SIX CHARACTERS ONLY.

Process at branch or SBI ATM

After completing the above process, you can complete the registration at the Home Branch of your account or at the nearest SBI ATM.

At the branch, fill up the required form which will be entered into the system and your account will be activated next day.

At the ATM, after swiping the Debit Card, please choose the opt ion ‘Services’ and then select ‘Mobile Banking’. Under Mobile Banking, choose the option to ‘Register’, enter your mobile number and re-enter the number to confirm registration. You will receive a SMS regarding activation of your account. You can then use all the services offered under the Mobile Banking Services.

For using WAP based Mobile Banking Service

The service will be available over all mobile phones (java / non java) which have GPRS connectivity for GSM users or data connectivity for CDMA users.

The registration process will be the same as for application based service i.e. in two phases – over mobile phone followed by process at ATM or branch.

The process over mobile phone, though essentially same as detailed above, will be done through the Browser of the mobile phone. The procedure is described below:

  1. Send a SMS to 567676 (e.g.MBSREG Nokia 6600).
  2. User ID and default MPIN will be received over SMS
  3. Open the browser of the mobile phone
  4. Enter the following address –
  5. A screen will be displayed asking for Login id and Pin.
  6. Enter the User ID and the default MPIN in the respective fields and select ‘Login’.
  7. The next screen will ask for WAP login id which will be received over SMS.
  8. Enter this WAP login id in the browser screen. If the mobile phone does not facilitate accessing the Inbox while using another screen, the user will have to exit the browser and then open the inbox to access the SMS having the WAP login id. The user will open the browser again and follow the procedure detailed above to enter the Login id and default MPIN. The next screen will ask for WAP Login id. Enter the number received over SMS and select ‘Send’.
  9. If details entered are correct, the next screen with the Main Menu of the Mobile Banking Service will be displayed.
  10. Change the default MPIN by selecting “Settings” from Main Menu and choosing “Change MPIN”. The default MPIN has to be entered in the “old MPIN” and a new MPIN of your choice (6 digits) in the “new MPIN” which has to be confirmed by entering the new MPIN once again in “Confirm new MPIN” and submit.
  11. Confirmation regarding successful change in MPIN and validation will be received over SMS and also displayed on the screen.
  12. Complete the registration process by registering at Home branch of your account or at SBI ATM as described above under “Process at branch or SBI ATM”

Usage of Facilities under Mobile Banking Service

For using any of the facilities of Mobile Banking Service, the user has to follow steps from (3) to (8) as described above. However, under step (6), the user has to enter the User ID and MPIN which has been changed to one of his choice. The Main Menu will be displayed after the WAP login id is entered and submitted. The usage of the facilities would be same as in application based Mobile Banking Service.


  1. i have the SBI NRE account not in india right now.
    im using Iphone 4s and i unable to register my user name using the oversea moblie no.
    is there any alternate way for me to register my user name?


  2. SBI Freedom software does not work in my mobile phone Nokia Asha 200 (qwerty keyboard not work with application)…. please suggest to me…. Thanx.

    • select model “ANY PHONE UNDER GENERIC
      In case of few Dual SIM phones like Nokia Asha 200
      The settings are to be done in the SIM Manager under Settings
      Here it will display selections for choosing between the 2 SIMs like SIM1 & SIM2

      Select either the SIM(1 or 2), which the user wants to use to sent the SMS generated by the State Bank Mobile Banking Freedom Application by marking the box displayed for Text Message.”

  3. Hello sir,
    I hv installed the sbi freedom app on my iphone and i have also recieved the user id and MPIN, but the problem is when i try to log in a message pops up saying that the service is nt registered for my account,
    What should i do sir, kindly reply me over my mail id,

    Thanks and regards.


  4. sir
    i am using to sbi mbs.sir problem is fund transfer .did not register to other sbi account .please solve the problem.

  5. Im a NRE account holder, I have installed the application but unable to register by SMS. Pls advise!

  6. Samsung gt5360 android 2.3.5 software.
    sbi freedom software does not work. keyboard ( samsung keypad ) no input.
    when change to swype mode keypad, the character ‘I’ goes capital as soon as i use
    my user id.
    Problem is with char ‘i’,
    eg: my user id is ‘ ymi653 ‘ – when i type the number 6 immediately the ‘i’ turns to ‘I’.
    and the back space key etc in the touch key pad do not work.

  7. uanble to bal.enquiry.
    again and again displaying to change my mpin,although changed my mpin.

  8. Mobile banking service is really helpful and the bank employee who initialize my service is really nice. till now I am quite satisfied with the service.

  9. i’ve downloaded sbi mobile banking application when i open application by using id and mpin,”registration complete”appears so what should i do for that.kindly suggest me plz

  10. Your attention is drawn to my letter of the 25th ultimo, wherein I had requested for initilisation of my mobile banking services. But, regret to note that till date i.e.9th March,2012, my services have not been initilized. Please take necessary action from your end at the earliest.

  11. The Branch Manager,
    S.B.I Main Br. Calicut

    Dear Sir,
    I,ve on date i.e.25.2.12, registered for mobile banking on my mobile No.9496220327. I request you to kindly look into the matter and speed-up intialization of my mobile banking services at your earliest convenience.
    Thanking you with Regards
    Vinod K.V

  12. Hi Sir,

    My Mobile number is 9840706372 and I am Using Blackberry 8310.

    I had register and Installed the app in my mobile successfully and also register my mobile number in ATM machine. After that i got a message slip showing my mobile is successfully register and Even SMS showing activation is done successfully and i can use my mobile banking service. I got this message within one hour.

    I can able get my mini statement and balance enquire.

    Now, My problem is my account is not showing in dropdown menu. for example if i want to Topup my mobile there is option were i have select the dropdown menu “which account to be debited”.

    That dropdown menu is showing EMPTY.

    pls address my problem.




  13. when i am trying to use that app asking for userid, which userid i need to provide and from where i can get it..

    could any body tell me so that i can start using that Apps

    Thanks in Advance

    • Firstly go to the branch of related S.B.I. then asked them to activate your SBI freedom software on your mobile they provide you Unique User Id and password will be provided by them and hence after changing the mpin you can use it.

  14. i have downloaded this software into my moblie when i open that software its asking me a userid which userid i need to provide, and how do i get that..

  15. I can’t use GPRS for SBI Mobile Banking.Getting Error for GPRS settings.But still I am using Internet on my C6 Nokia Mobile.

  16. I cannot change my MPIN through my mobile because when my mobile send request it always shows “sending failed” my mobile is able to sent all other msg. What is reason behind this pl help me.

  17. i m using state bank mobile freedom but i think it’s only best for check our A/C balance and mini statement. Because i recharge my mobile using this app but it needs 72 hours for get the balance at mobile. So better to withdraw money from ATM and recharge mobile at recharge point or online using ATM card…..

  18. To
    The branch manager SBI
    Naginimora Branch (MON)

    Requesting you to please register my mobile No 9612936546 to avai mobile internet banking , i have recived the defult MPIN no and user ID but due to not yet register my number i connot process the nect step showing Code – 943 error .
    So sir, please register my mobile number at the earliest..
    i shall remain thankful to you.
    your faithfully
    Ningkhanmung Luikham
    6 Assam Rifles
    C/) 99 APO

    • For registering for mobile banking, you dont need branch intervention. After you get user id and MPIN, login to the application and change the MPIN. After changing Mpin, visit nearest SBI ATM and register your account for mobile Banking.

  19. To
    the branch manager SBI
    Naginimora Branch.
    Please register my mobile number 9612936546 to avail internet banking .
    i have already send an aplication through post. but not yet register .
    for this act of kindness i shall remain thankful to you.

    yours faithfully
    Ningkhanmung luikham
    6 Assam Rifles
    c/0 99 APO

    • To register for internet banking, download form from and fill it and send to branch. They will check all details filled in form and if found correct, will generate a internet banking kit for your account and forward it to your address. If you visit your home branch in person and give the same form filled completely, you can get the kit instantly

    • Visit nearest branch with ID proof , address proof and 2 passport size photos… Fill the Account opening form in the branch and submit at branch for processing

    • To download app send SMS “MBSREG” to 9223440000… U will get a user ID and MPIN in one SMS and u will also get another SMS with the http link for downloading the app

    • Visit your nearest branch for the exisiting user id… You can also de-register from mobile banking at the ATM and apply for a new one… Now u can send sms to 9223440000 instead of 567676 and save premium sms charges

  20. hi i am using HTC wildfire but i am not able to open the sit…. on my mobile.Then i downloaded the application on m PC and transferred it to my mobile. but when i am trying to change the channel to GPRS it gives error as go to settings and synchonize and when i am trying to synchronize it gives errors as first select the channel to GPRS

  21. hello,sir i have a nokia 7610 java endbaled mobile handset,but i can’t installed this app. in mobile plz help me.

  22. Sir,
    I have been trying for downloading the mobile banking application in my Nokia 6303classic mobile phone. My phone no. is 9436897086 and I have already registered myself for the service.

  23. my mobile with java andgprs enable of samsung model no-SCH-W169.but
    unable to do mobile banking with this model of seggest me
    and send concern mobile banking application

  24. i have samsung model no-sch-w169 with java and gprs enable.but not able to do mobile suggest me me about downloading of mobile banking application for samsung model no-SCH-W169

  25. Hi,

    How can I change the default user id on SBI Freedom application. I have just requested to register in Bank, Bank told that I can get it activated it after 24 Hrs. So , only after it gets activated I can change user id or before also I can change. please suggest.

    • Simply de-register the MBS on ATM, and re register for MBS. 1.send SMS to 567676 and you will receive new login id then re register through ATM card.

  26. The change of settings of channel from SMS to GPRS does not get saved. So every time i open the application I have to go thru the process of changing the settings from SMS to GPRS. (I made sure I exited the application the normal way. ie, I didn’t force terminate the app)
    Is there a way to avoid this?

    You have developed a super useful app, btw.

    Specs – I am using a Micromax Q7 mobile. And I downloaded+registered the application at the SBI Branch in IITM, Chennai.

    • Once you change the channel to GPRS, it will ask for the password twice. If the password was not propmted twice then the GPRS channel change has not happened

  27. On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 11:03 AM, mb [email protected] wrote:

    Dear Sir,

    Please download the attached application on to your handset with the help of datacable of your handset or thru bluetooth or if it does not work, please use WAP mode of mobile banking as per procedure given below.

    (3) Mobile Banking Service over WAP Java or Non-Java (Without Blue tooth) phone with GPRS connection WITHOUT DOWNLOADING APPLICATION

    The service will be available over all mobile phones (java / non java) having GPRS connectivity for GSM users or data connectivity for CDMA users. The registration process (two phases – over ATM and mobile phone) will be the same as for application-based service. The process over mobile phone will be done through Browser of the mobile phone as given below:

    Step 1) Get User ID & Default MPIN by sending SMS to 567676
    a) Open the browser of the mobile phone
    b) Enter the address:
    c) A screen will be displayed asking for Login id and Pin.
    d) Enter the User ID and default MPIN and select ‘Login’
    e) The next screen will ask for WAP login id, which is received over SMS.
    f) Enter this WAP login id in the browser screen. If the mobile phone does not facilitate accessing the Inbox while using another screen, you will have to exit the browser and then open the inbox to access the SMS having the WAP login id. Open the browser again and follow the procedure detailed above to enter the Login id and default MPIN. The next screen will ask for WAP Login id. Enter the number received over SMS and select ‘Send’.
    g) If details entered are correct, the next screen with the Main Menu of the Mobile Banking Service will be displayed.

    Step 2) It is mandatory to change the default MPIN before using any service. Go to Main Menu>Settings>Change MPIN>enter default MPIN under OLD MPIN>enter new MPIN>confirm the new MPIN>select ‘Change’

    Confirmation regarding change of MPIN is received over SMS and also displayed on the screen. Complete registration process at ATM or Branch.

    Step 3) AT ATM > Swipe your Debit Card> Mobile Registration> ATM PIN> Mobile Banking > Registration>10 digit Mobile Number>confirm> “ You will get a slip “ Mobile Registration Successful Code =0” and Receive SMS message Primary a/c: nnnnnnnnnn registered.

    For using any of the facilities of Mobile Banking Service, the user has to follow steps from (a) to (f) as described above. However, under step (f), the user has to enter the User ID and changed MPIN. The Main Menu will be displayed after the WAP login id is entered and submitted. The functionalities would be same as in application based Mobile Banking Service.

    (I) Enquiry of balance in account(s)
    (II) Mini Statement – last five transactions
    (III) Transfer of Funds to accounts with SBI & other Banks
    (IV) Request for issue of Cheque Book
    (V) Pay utility bills (Electricity bill, Telephone bill etc.,)
    (VI) Mobile Top up
    (VII) Payment of SBI Life Insurance premium

    0141-2210133-135, 2210143-

  28. Online SBI Nokia x2 mobile applicaition is not working for me too.
    When i tried to install it, i got the message “Invalid Application”. Can you tell me any one find the solution for that?

  29. I have changed my mobile do I need to register payees again or I just need to add old payess localy in application ?
    If I need to add payees locally the should the names of payees must same as in previous mobile handset or it could differ ?

  30. I have registered 4 payees in my sbi freedom application but when I am trying to add another payee I am getting message like “could not register payee as limit has reached”, but as far as I know application can have register 5 payees then what is the problem ?

    • Do a ‘fetch payees’ under settings->Manage Payees. You wil receive an SMS of all payees registered with the Bank. If there are more than 4 payees in the SMS, add them back to ur phone through ‘Add Locally’ under ‘Manage Payees’. Then remove the payees not reqd by Manage Payees- Delete

  31. i’m not able to change mpin by both ways, in the start as well as in settings. It’s asking me to synchronize but i can’t do it also even after getting the key. Also the application is not available for nokia n8. I had downloaded it for x6. Is it there for n8? How mpin can be changed?

  32. on 12/12/10 at 8 am….i have transferred 200/- by mobile top up by MB05020024569072 TO mobile number 9926508904 on sbi freedom .My account get debitted but the mobile was not credittted.kindly tell the problem……?


  34. sir my name is ahamed .. mobile hand set is nokia c3 .. but the sbi application is not working and not supports for this hand set.. pleast tell me what i do ..

  35. sir i have purchased nokia2690 but my mobile is blocked for applicaton upto when it will get unlocked kindly call by phone as early possible to relieve my tension why it is blocked your applications are not working properly in new nokia phones like N8-00 GET YOUR APP.CORRECED My MOBILR NUMBER IS 09557795233 waiting for reply on phone kindly talk to me lalit jain

  36. sir, i am using nokia x2 mobile i have downloaded sbi freedom java script ver 1.0….
    i have intalled sbi freedom using nokia pc suite from pc to mobile. message sbi freedom already intalled do you want overwrite it. then i overwriten and opened applications in my mobile i unable to find sbi freedom . please solve this problem and suggest me a nice solution

  37. Sir,
    I have been using Freedom Banking for the past 6 months. Yesterday I have upgraded my Nokia E71’s firmware. From then onwards the icon of freedom banking is missing. The application manager shows that the program is installed. How can I resolve this. Shall I reinstall the program

    With regards
    Sankar Raj

  38. While submitting the details (e.g. Type of Payee, Name of Payee, A/c No., Bank, IFS Code, nickname etc etc) for adding a payee for fund transfer through SBI Freedom, I entered Rs.100000 as maximum limit………….., on final submission of details, I received a message meaning that max limit can not be more than Rs.50000, I pressed OK.

    When I tried to transfer fund to that payee, the return message I get is ”payee with nickname xyz is invalid”.
    My question is if the payee with certain nickname is invalid, then why it is appearing in the payees-list?.
    Ok, then I tried to add the payee with a different nickname jus to come out of the above problem, but I could not succeed in that too and received the message “A/c already registred”

    Now what to do? A/c registered with a certain nickname is not serving the purpose – b’coz the nickname invalid report comes, neither I am able to add that A/c with a different nick name.

    I also tried to delete the above problematic payee, but I was unable to find the delete option on SBI freedom on my Sony Ericsson mobile.

    Pl help


    SRA Rizvi

    • I suggest you download the latest application from this link on your mobile
      if you have GPRS you can directly access the site and download the application from the site on your mobile.
      Once you have download and install the new application, you will have to register the all payees once again. Any error that you have commited while registering the payees earlier will be automatically removed at the time new application overrites the older one… The new application also has an added service IMPS(Interbank Mobile Payment System) that can help you do mobile to mobile fund transfer and other utility…


      Daily transaction limits for fund transfer/ bill/ merchant payment is Rs.50,000/- per customer with an overall calendar month limit of Rs.2,50,000.00 .

      Sudhir Kumar Ghosh
      Management Trainee

      • Please take enough care to enter the correct name of the payee as it appears in the other Bank’s records. Otherwise, the funds transfer is likely to be rejected for the reason customer’s name not matching.

  39. on my blackberry 8520 this sbi mobile application is not working, not able to get menu, options, settings, and buttons not respond to soft switches on menus

  40. dear sir, i was using mobile banking application since last 2 months but i got a problem that is it was showing out of memory/application error on the mobile screen while i tried to access it. after that i downloaded a new application from internet and installed it in mobile and i was able to access all functions.but when i tried to recharge my mobile through mobile topup then there was no option to debit money from my account…please help me what should i do???

  41. After entering the Ures ID & MPIN, the SMS for WAP login id takes a lot of time. Some time no SMS seceive for a long time. So please ensure me is there any alternative proces. My mobile hand set is Sony Ericsson, Z550i with Java.

    • Online SBI Nokia C3 mobile applicaition is not working for me too.
      When i tried to install it, i got the message “Invalid Application”. Can you tell me any one find the solution for that?

  42. I am using SBI mobile banking facility with Nokia N72 handset.I have purchased a new Nokia E71 handset today and wil be using the same sim card. Should I re-register to continue using my mobile banking facility?

    • If you are only changing your handset you need not have to re-register….however you will have to dowload the State Bank mobile Banking application on your Nokia E-71 handset. You can dowload the latest mobile Banking application from if you have trouble you can Call toll-free number 1800 425 3800. or mail to [email protected]

      Sudhir Kumar Ghosh
      Management Trainee
      Mobile Banking & Wallet
      State Bank of India

  43. i have registered mobile banking on my mobile no.9928570887 but i did not get any confirmation msg. pls suggest me

  44. Sir, I have nokia 6303iclassic mobile but i am unable to download application . I had try to many ways of download but all time i recieve a invalid application. So i request to u tell me for this problem. And u solve it Thanks! My mob no. 9510260266

  45. i registered my mobile number with an sbi atm and it said to carry out mobile handset validation how do i do this please tell me

    • you need to change your MPIN number first then go for registration at ATM. Login State Bank Freedom with your 6 character alphanumeric user id. then go to settings and and click on the change MPIN option. Change your MPIN and then again try to register at nearby ATM. Hope this time you dont face any problem. For further query you can tweet u at twitter account on beta test phase.

      Sudhir Kumar Ghosh
      Management Trainee
      State bank of India

  46. yesterday I transferred 50thru M commerce to topup 8011812754 on SBI Freedom my account got debited but my phone was not creditted.what may be the reason?

  47. yesterday I transferred 50thru M commerce to topup 9440179513 on SBI Freedom my account got debited but my phone was not creditted.what may be the reason?

  48. Sir,
    I had downloaded mobilebanking in my handset 1 n half month bfor bt unfortunately not has been registered as it was registered bfor bt didnt worked so i downloaded it again. what shud i do now to work it properly?

  49. Sir, I am using Spice S-940 I have already loaded software with I.D. Branch Pali (Birsinghpur)Distt-Umaria (MP) After one week every enquiry that Validation from handset successful,complete registration procc at ATM/Branch ,if not already done Tidno…. Bank reply already done I want to know that how many days were spent to complete the formal/process. Pl reply to my cell 9424331619

  50. Sir, I am using spice S-940 and I have a question about linking account I have already located the SBI freedam Software &registered few days ago through the branch with the user ID &I have received a SMS about ac registration is done but after laps of about one week on every inquiry a SMS comes that validation from handset successful,complete registration process at ATM/Branch ,if not already done.Tid no……. Bank reply already done by branch,sir. I want to know thast how many days were spent to complet the formal/prcess Pl informed to my cell 9424331619

  51. sir i am using nokia N 72 and I have a question about linking accounts. I have an account with State Bank of India branch code 9985. I have already loaded the SBI freedom software from my native SBI branch to my mobile. also registered few days ago through the branch twice with the user ID and i have received a SMS about registration is completed but after lapse of about 15 days till on every inquiry a SMS comes that your registration not done, I just want to know that how many days were spent to complete the formal/process.

  52. Dear sir,

    I am using sbi mobile banking, but from last 3 days when i am going to make any transaction like mobile topup / tatasky payment, merchant credit limit exceeded msg. is showing. I need your help to solve this problem. For your information the transaction amount is less than my available balance. Pl. resolve the issue ASAP.

  53. hey,

    I just downloaded the application on my blackberry curve. But the problem is that when i put in the pin (which i got by smsing 567676) it takes me to an Accept the policy screen which does not have any button and i cannot navigate from there. What should i do? any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks.

  54. in my nokia5300 mobile banking software not functioning thru gprs but it working in sms. wen chang channel shows paket data not available but i uses internet in same mbile
    pl help me
    thanking in advance

  55. Hi

    I am sam using apple I phone .
    I want to down load “MOBILE BANKING”
    pls send application. I was using mobile banking in Nokia 7610.
    With my airtel sim. Now I am using my same sim for APPLE
    I PHONE but I can’t download application pls HELP ME.

  56. Installation of SBI mobile is wast of time and money. They are charging SMS cost for every request. Even for initiation purpose too.

    It is not like ICICI or Citibank mobile application. Rather than you install this application, you better go to branch do the work.

    I have uninstalled the application, memory waste for phone.

    • After Logging in to your SBI Freedom application using your user ID, you can go to “Settings” Menu. Inside the settings menu there is “Change Channel” Option where you can select your communication channel as “GPRS” and select Ok. You will receive a confirmation of the same, after which you can restart your application to use GPRS. (I think GPRS is also not free but compared to SMS it is cheaper). Hope it answers your que

  57. In my samsung corby pro (GT_B 5310) there is a problem during payee registration.when type the payee nick name and name of account holder not accept more than three letter and when submit shows cannot process request. But I Registred payee in other mobile and transfered moneny by my corby set. Please give me a solution.

    • hi thr.. i too hav a samsung handset.. and the problem wid samsung handsets is that the do not support applications downloaded from ur pc.. they only support softwares downloaded directly from the net..via ur do one thin..firstly download the generic version of state bank life.application on ur pc. ..and then go to ur gmail(preffered ) account and attach this file and send a mail to yourself only..and then open ur mail from ur phone .. remember to open ur mailbox as html.. not wap… cuz u wont b able to dwnload in the mobile version..and download it…it will work.. i did the same …..if u hav any problem then u can mail me at [email protected]

  58. Mods please make a sbi freddom version compatible with reliance cdma phones which run using 1x data instead of gprs.

    This version gets installed but does not works.

  59. Sir i have nokia 6303i classic ,bought few days ago..but i am not able to download even generic sbi mobile banking application & there is no specified application for nokia 6303i classic ..plz help me

  60. I Am Using HTC TATTOO. I Want To Use SBI Mobole Banking On My Handset. Which Type Of Application I Want To Installed? Help Me. My Contact Number Is 9426765891.

  61. i have micromax mobile, i could not get the version of sbi freedom compatible to my handset. please help

  62. I Am Using Samsung E-250i. I Want To Use SBI Mobole Banking On My Handset. Which Type Of Application I Want To Installed? Samsung’s Applications Which SBI Provides Is Not Support E250i. Help Me. My Contact Number Is 9975536094.

  63. Can anyone suggest me that how can i start my mobile banking on my
    Blackberry Curve-8900 mobile phone…. I have received the mobile banking software on my
    handset. But how i’ll get my User Id…???

  64. Hi, I’m ratan from agartala, I am using nokia 5800. I have a problem with nick name. I can’t delete nick name. Some one can help me plz.

  65. i have reliance mobile , theres no gprs but there is 1x data, i m not able to use it on my java based phone .. Please help software works but sms for pin change is not sent.

  66. This software looks all messed up and confusing everybody. I think SBI better provide it’s services through NGpay rather then using their own system which causes a lot of problems. i am using HDFC banking on NGpay which is very convenient and works on any GPRS & wi-fi connection. in fact NGpay provides a convenient mobile interface of netbanking. No worries about confirmation of password or registration. you can simply add your bank account to NGpay software by providing your netbanking ID & password. SBI should at least provide a mobile interface for its netbanking customers to access their account right from the palm.

  67. Sir,
    I am using BLACKBERRY 8130 handset. I had downloaded the SBI FREEDOM APPLICATION but not received the message of verification of handset and the successful change of MPIN. for that I had talked with phone banking officer so many times through bank’s helpline. I was advised to talk at 022 27560161 . I tried more than 20 times there was no reply. Again I was advised to mail at [email protected], I mailed my request, my mail was forwarded somewhere at Jaipur under advise to me. More than one month of time passed I send a reminder of my request, I was answered that ” ISSUE WILL BE SOLVED VERY SOON”. Please do something in this matter if you can help me.
    -Paresh Vyas

  68. Sir,
    I am using BLACKBERRY 8130 handset. I can download SBI FREEDOM APPLICATION but I could not go further , verification of handset and change of MPIN are not successive. What should I do?

    I had talked with bank’s helpline so many times. I was advised to call at 022 27560161 I tried out more than 20 times there were no answer. Again I was advised to contact at [email protected]. I had mailed my request, I got a mail was forwarded somewhere at Jaipur, answer was “WE WILL LET YOU KNOW VERY SOON” again a month is over till there is no answer. Now can U help me in this regard? Please……
    -Paresh Vyas.

    • Just go to settings and change channel to GPRS
      For assistance can call 9663020020

      Sanchit Singh
      SBI Mobile banking Team

      • Sir,

        Can one register state bank of india account and state bank of patiala account on the same state bank freedom application
        If yes than please tell me the procedure………..


        • I think its not possible, because when you go to ATM and enter your mobile number there, you receive a message that userid:abc123 has been registered, and if the same number was already registered previously, then the older user id gets deregistered.
          so at a time, if you want two accounts in same number, you cant have it.
          but if you are speaking about same handset, then you can use two different numbers to handle two different accounts, just you cannot use SBI Freedom, in this case you must use Mobile banking via wap.
          For any confusion, mail me at [email protected]

    • @ Chabin

      I dont know whether you have already got reply for your query but still I would Like to help. In order to change channel from sms to gprs….first login into your state bank freedom application and then select ‘settings’ option. In the ‘setting’ sub menu you will find ‘change channel’ option click on that and select ‘GPRS’ thats all

      Sudhir Kumar Ghosh
      Management trainee
      State bank of India

  69. Hi ,

    I have installed SBIFREEDOM on my handset.when I am trying to change channel from sms to gprs its asking to send an sms.This i have tried and i got a confirmation that gprs has been activated for sbi freedom.when again i am trying to check my balance its asking for sending sms.

    is there any solution for this please help me…+

    • probably you are using a mobile number which is not registered with your user id (and hence it is not attached to your account)

      whenever you are using mobile banking by application, remember that you should have:
      1) The same application with which you registered.
      2) On the same handset
      3) With the same mobile number and
      4) With same user id and mpin

      if anything is not correct, it creates problem similar to yours.

  70. some handsets r not not execpt eg samsung nokia etc the soft ware . after reciving the content mess is similar mobile not found.

  71. This is very good service. I was often wasting my too much time in bank for any serveve but now i am using this application and doing all the thing very fast. it is also very cheap if you use it by Gprs.

  72. Is there any options where this service will be totally free?otherwise it will be just like wasting money. Better go to the bank and get the service done.

    • yaa, there is one way 2 access dis app for free…
      u can use it via GPRS…
      just goes to setting and make ur setting for GPRS instead of SMS.
      hav funn…

  73. My I was told that it will be a free service but its very expensive. Every time you send a sms for any transactions you will be charged Rs 3 each sms. So think twice before you activate it.

  74. i have an iphone. there is no version of sbi mobile banking application for iphone . so , i want to use this feature on my iphone. somebuddy check out my request

  75. sir I am using nokia E63,I can not recieve the generic version also,please send the application to download in my mobile.

    • Sir,
      You may go to your respective Branch which you are having bank account. Ask them you need to activate MOBILE BANKING SERVICE. Fill up the request form. They will transfer the application in your mobile via bluetooth. Simple. Its done.
      Ask them to help you out for the registration process in your mobile. After its done, you have to visit your nearest ATM for your mobile number registration.
      Swipe your ATM card. Services>Mobile banking>Register(enter your mobile number, confirm). Now you will receive a confirmation statement from ATM machine and SMS on your mobile.
      After Logging in to your SBI Freedom application using your user ID, you can go to “Settings>Change Channel>GPRS” and select Ok. You will receive a confirmation of the same, after which you can restart your application to use GPRS. If its via SMS service, you will be charged Rs.3 for each transaction.

      • Hi!
        I am using SBI Freedom Application on my Nokia N97 using GPRS (Airtel Mobile Office). It works well but it does not has the touch interface resulting in trouble keying in the alphabets, numbers or characters in the various columns once I run the Application.
        Can anyone please tell me where or how can I get the touch interface of the application as with Ng pay?

      • One more question regarding SBI Freedom Application.
        Can anyone tell me if I can change the username received through SMS?

  76. Why generic version not support in nokia n 79 .massage by install is below
    certificate error .contact the application supplaier

  77. yesterday I transferred 200 thru M commerce to topup 9440179513 on SBI Freedom my account got debited but my phone was not creditted.what may be the reason?

  78. hi.
    I have a question about linking accounts. I have 2 accounts, one with State Bank of India and State bank of Hyderabad. I have already linked SBH account to my mobile. I just want to know that is there any way to link both the accounts to my mobile & same userid, to avail Mobile banking facilities. Both banks belong to SBI group and provide same software.

  79. After Logging in to your SBI Freedom application using your user ID, you can go to “Settings” Menu. Inside the settings menu there is “Change Channel” Option where you can select your communication channel as “GPRS” and select Ok. You will receive a confirmation of the same, after which you can restart your application to use GPRS. (I think GPRS is also not free but compared to SMS it is cheaper). Hope it answers your query.

  80. hello sir, can i use the “sbi freedom” free by free browsing gprs ? (monthly paid)
    because when i login in “sbi freedom” a screen box comes ” message to be send to 567676″ .so how can i enquiry my balance with out sending message, because the message to 567676 costs Rs.3 rupees.

  81. Did you hear about this new thing from PayMate? Any mobile phone user can now send or receive money by using their mobile phone! You just visit the nearest Green TATA PCO or TVS and request for money remittance to anyone in India. The recipient just collects the money by visiting the nearest Green TATA PCO or TVS with the transaction authorization code from the sender. It’s so cool!
    Check this out for more info:

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